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Did you know that three-quarters of employees are unhappy in their job? Studies are showing that only about 13% of workers feel engaged by their job. A majority of workers, some 63% are “not engaged”, meaning that they don’t hate it, but just go through the motions. Then we have this other group, the haters. This group comes in at an alarming 24% of workers. They down right detest their work and they are undermining everything your business stands for. 

There is emerging data to suggest that job dissatisfaction can be even more damaging to our mental health than unemployment. As well, when we are unhappy or stressed, we tend to eat more, and exercise less. This all has the effect of landing us in a deep and very unhealthy rut with our mind and body.

We may get fed up and leave our current job, but how do we find something that will make us happy? How can we reverse this awful trend that has ensnared the majority of us?

See that picture of an extremely miserable looking guy……yeah that was me! I had found myself in the disengaged group and sometimes even slipped into the haters group. I just never seemed to find myself in the group that loved their career.

unhappy employee

I decided I could not live like that anymore.

Working at a job I was unhappy in was taking its toll on my mental and physical condition. Instead of blindly firing off resumes to random organizations in my field I challenged myself to reach out to businesses that appeared to have a better fit. I took my time and carefully researched many payroll companies, in the hopes of finding something compatible. I felt a bit discouraged, given the fact that all the payroll companies I found tended to lack any personality. Then I stumbled onto something completely different – Wagepoint. Something about the website with its quirky copy and warm sensibilities had a welcoming feel to it. It was love at first sight. And after my interview with the CEO, I knew I was hooked.

Here are the five signs that told me that I had found my one true work-life love!

  • Quick Response – The same day I sent my resume I received a call expressing interest in my credentials. By getting such a quick response I felt this demonstrated the efficiency of the organization to recognize future talent, and it was clear the CEO knew exactly what kind of a person would fit the role best. This also indicated to me that my skills and experience were seen as a strong fit.
  • Call By Decision Maker – The CEO of Wagepoint called me himself to get to know me. It was not a traditional interview, but an open and honest discussion. This indicates that the leadership of the organization is serious about finding good fit. After all, hiring the wrong person can undermine an organizational culture in no time. This should be of particular concern to a new startup.
  • Openness – In my initial chat, I felt that I was getting complete transparency and inclusiveness. The initial discussion between a potential new hire and an employer should be an open and frank discussion as to facilitate strong and lasting relationships. Incompatibility between an employee and an employer can have the result of bad productivity and erode team morale.
  • Hiring For Attitude – In all of my past hiring experiences, interviewers focused primarily on credentials and experience. Although these critical areas should factor into your final decision on whether to hire, they should not be the only factors to consider. If your startup is concerned with finding the right culture fit, then it will be essential to get to know your potential new hire on a personal level as well. This type of discussion will help reveal compatibility with your organization’s cultural feel.
  • Surprising Salary Negotiations (or lack of) – This part of the discussion in all my past interviews was often uncomfortable, but it was completely different at Wagepoint. We were able to discuss salary in a comfortable manner as our talk so far had been so open and honest. I was asked to give a value that would make me happy, and to my surprise, the value I proposed was immediately accepted!

Within a very short time I was hired and now I’m part of something truly amazing. My colleagues and I are building the kind of company anyone would be excited to work for. The positive energy we share, the way we all feel appreciated for our talents, and the way we have fun at work all contributes to our collective satisfaction. I wake up every morning excited about my new day at work and I finish my day feeling accomplished. Isn’t that what we are all truly after? Now instead of being that miserable guy I was…I’m this guy…and it feels great!

happy employee

As sappy as this might seem, you too can find your perfect workplace romance by waiting for the right company to sweep you off your feet ;) Do you have a similar story to share? We’d love to hear it!