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“Oh no, cold calling. I hate getting hung up on.”

Cold calling isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do. Hell, it’s certainly not mine. And in today’s world, with social media and technology, it seems almost archaic, doesn’t it?

But believe me, it’s still relevant and does have a place. You just need to do it well and make each call count.

Today, as I write this blog, I’m reflecting on my sales past. I’m 30, almost 31; actually, I’ve spent the better part of my life in one sales job or another. No matter what the job– retail, B2B, door-to-door, telesales, whatever – cold calling has always been prevalent.

Over the years, I’ve picked up some great habits that will help you break the ice. Keep reading and learn how to be successful at cold calling!

Here are my five tips for cold calling awesomeness.

1. Chill

Really, just chill.

Whether it’s nervousness or a dire need to “tell them everything I know,” (otherwise known as “verbal diarrhea”), we inherently have the urge to tell people EVERYTHING we know when we get new information.

This comes off as overwhelming.

If a DM (Decision Maker) gives you the time of day on a cold call, I know, this can be like drinking from a fire hose. Pause, relax, and…

2. Listen

I know this one is a bit clichéd, but it’s that way for a reason.

You’re building a relationship and want to be a friend. Let them talk; they’ll tell you everything you need to know, even if it’s a kind (or not so kind) PFO (Please F*ck Off).

Which can be fun, and sometimes comical. Everyone loves good PFO stories!

3. Ninja that voicemail

Keep it short- don’t leave your life story in the message.

I noticed I was leaving a lot of voicemails, day after day. Let’s be honest… no one calls back.

Why would they?

I know I don’t when I’m on the receiving end of a long, meandering message.

Now I try a different tactic.

Instead of saying where I’m calling from, I say that I came across their company and ask them to call me back for a chat. I don’t mention where I’m calling from. And it works!

When they call back and I mention the reason for my call, a conversation about the product almost always ensues.

4. Get excited

Yeah, that’s right – get pumped. Get into that same mindset you had when you watched Glengarry Glen Ross.

Passion is transferable and infectious.

For me, I get fired up thinking about Rocky talking to his son in the movie Rocky Balboa – the speech he gives him about getting up after life beats you down.

It gives me chills to this day.

Find what drives you, family, movies, a shiny new car… It’s out there. Use it.

5. Have fun

It’s that simple. Enjoy yourself. If you’re having fun, everyone else will want to have fun with you.

People are drawn to a party. Set a goal, and make it a game.

How many calls can you do in an hour? How many PFO’s will you get?

Make it enjoyable for you and for them, and success will follow.

Let’s recap:

  1. Chill out
  2. Listen to who you’re calling,
  3. Keep your voicemails short,
  4. Get excited,
  5. Find the fun in what you’re doing.

Good luck out there. Keep dialing and above all, have fun!