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Customer Service as Marketing

Wagepoint CMO, Leena Thampan took part in FunnelCake’s B2B marketer interview series with CEO, Marco Savic, where she discussed why customer service should live within the marketing team.

Being the CMO at Wagepoint means Leena is the head of both marketing and customer service. In her FunnelCake interview, she explains why combining the marketing, and customer success teams made the most sense for Wagepoint’s overall vision.

Wagepoint’s goal is to be the friendliest payroll processing company in the world, and that relies heavily on each and every customer experience. The decision to bring marketing and customer success together stems from needing a fully shaped customer experience.

Check out the full interview to learn how workplace collaboration of these two departments can enhance your customer’s experience: Leena Thampan on Customer Service as Marketing

📢 You can also listen to the podcast version here.

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