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Spring is here – yayy!! There’s got to be nothing worse than a Canadian winter – the chills, the snow, the backaches from shoveling snow, yikes! No wonder everybody is overjoyed with the coming of spring.  And it isn’t just about being done with the winter blues.

Spring is also a time for rejuvenating our spirits, renewing our energies and soaking up all the warm and fuzzy rays, both in and out of work, which is why we decided to focus our Carnival of HR on all things spring and look at how companies can embrace the season.

Let’s get the ball rolling with Karin Hurt’s post on 7 Ways to Spring your Team into Spring where she talks about making springtime a celebration so that people aren’t longingly staring out their windows with a hopeful dream of frolicking in the grass. And what better way to get springing than with a spring training session! Trampoline park anyone?

Ian Welsh continues on the same note as he talks about springtime being the perfect season to re-energize and renew your spirits at work. Yes, you can definitely plan employee activities, but use this time to inspire individual and team creativity, new ideas and new perspectives.

A great way to bond with your team is to get out of the office, and springtime’s the best time to do it – not too hot, not too cold – you and your co-workers hanging out enjoying the sunshine! That is precisely what Ben Eubanks is recommending in his awesome v-log for our carnival. He shares how true communities are built around teamwork and brings you 5 Ways to Develop a Stronger Sense of Community.

Spring goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning in my mind, and as long as I don’t have to pick up a broom and get working, I love the idea of spring cleaning :) Danielle Weinblatt shares my enthusiasm as she offers insight to employers who want to take the time to reassess what their recruiting and interviewing practices say about their employment brands. If you’re looking for ways to promote a Best Place to Work culture, it may be time to put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and “shop” your talent acquisition processes. Definitely a good checklist item for spring cleaning!

Like I said earlier, spring is a time to refresh and renew your spirits, which is why refreshing your team after a long winter could be exactly what the doctor orders if you want to keep up productivity. The folks over at Cream.HR share a few ideas for how you can give your employees a renewed drive for the work they do.

Continuing with the spring cleaning theme, Mark Kurowski reminds us how planning, implementing and optimizing are the three ways to Getting Your Workforce Management Solution in Tip Top Shape for Spring. Though all the work out analogies in his post had my palms getting all clammy at the thought of my work out session tomorrow *shudder*

As you start to wrap up your old projects and take on the new, Alex Raymond is giving you tips on how to make your meetings more efficient and effective using the Scrum methodology. He recommends you start each workday with a daily scrum meeting aka daily huddle aka daily stand up. It’s called a “stand up” because the participants literally do not sit down. Standing up encourages people to finish the meeting and get back to the day’s work. Donuts are optional.

Finally, Amit Bhagria dissects why employees who love their job stick around, what motivates them to work in their current organizations and what they like about their employer. If there’s a magic formula that works at your organization, then we’d love to hear it!

That’s it, folks! I’m signing off until our next Carnival. Hope you guys enjoyed the round up, and we’d all appreciate the social support. So, let’s get busy sharing, tweeting and liking :)