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Wagepoint founder, Shrad Rao, speaks with Josh Bland, Digital Media Specialist at Technology Advice, about the importance of being passionate about the company you keep as a small business owner or startup founder.

Functions like payroll and accounting can get overwhelming, and not to mention, quite complicated. But, if you have a payroll partner that treats you like a friend instead of it being just  a transactional relationship, these back-end, administrative tasks can turn into a treat. Just ask our customers 🙂

In this informational interview, Shrad talks about how choosing the right kind of people to surround yourself with can help you create a business you truly love. And that is exactly where finding the right employees and the right customers can make a world of a difference.

If you share Shrad’s passion for building business relationships that are friendly and meaningful, you’ll enjoy this short podcast.

Listen in here: The Value of Being Passionate About the Company You Keep

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