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If you have employees or contractors who are paid by the hour, it can be a massive time suck to chase them around to get their timesheets.

And if you think the administrative nightmare ends there, you are wrong.

You’ll need to make sure those hours are right and if all your employees/contractors actually came to work on time.

That’s where the folks at Deputy come in with their amazing employee management software.

And because we love our customers so much, we’ve integrated Wagepoint with Deputy so that you can easily import all approved hours when you are processing payroll.

This means reduced instances of human error, you no longer need to double check your employees’ hours, and overall administrative joy.

We might be playing fast and loose with the word joy there. Anyhoo…

If you have a Deputy account and would like to use this integration, log in to your Wagepoint account and connect it to your Deputy account via the Add-ons link in Wagepoint. (Get step-by-step directions here.)

And for those of you who haven’t already signed up with Deputy, learn more about how Deputy’s leading employee scheduling and workforce management software can help your business.