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It’s Paaayrollll Time!

Wagepoint has just launched its online payroll software – Pay.

Processing payroll is a pain that most owners / HR managers at SMBs across Canada can attest to, but what is it that makes this job so difficult? Is it the sheer stress of making sure that the payroll calculations are correct? Is it keeping up with the tax rates, CPP & EI contributions? Or having to deal with your carpal syndrome – a result of all those infernal cheques you have to sign?

But have no fear – Pay is here! As clichéd as that sounds, we really dig all kind of superhero references here at Wagepoint. So much so, we integrated them right into the app – did we mention that we even feature armed robots on dragons?

Wagepoint Pay is a FUN, incredibly awesome, fully automated and cloud-based payroll software that can send your payroll processing headaches packing for good. The company and employee set up is free, easy and “idiot-proof” (quoting an actual client here), and it all starts with just a click of a button – Sign up here. With two simple pricing plans – Free & Pro, you can choose the one that’s right for you. The Free plan allows you to use our fully-featured app as an alternative to the CRA calculator, and the Pro plan is available just for a… wait for it… LEGENDARY $20 base fee & $2 / employee per payroll. You’re probably thinking why pay when you can get it for free? Well, mostly because in the Pro plan we allow you to directly deposit funds into your employees’ / contractors’ bank accounts, and we keep you compliant by taking care of your government remittances. At the end of the year, we also automagically issue your T4’s – right within the app!

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Some of our cool features include:

  • Employee Self-serve: No more paper paystubs! Pay Personal gives your employees access to their electronic paystubs anytime – day or night. They can print it on an as-needed basis instead of having to put their paper paystub through the shredder every time. Think of all the trees you’ll save!! Another highlight, they can update their contact information themselves instead of having to e-mail you every time they move.
  • Hourly vs. Salaried & Employees vs. Independent Contractors: We can handle it all in Pay! And the best part, you can run it all in the same payroll. All your employee / contractor data is centralized and you can see the information in one place.
  • Auto-run Payroll: Your business is running ever so smoothly… all’s well in the world of your salaried employees and there’s nothing new to report. After your first payroll, turn on the Auto-run feature, and moving forward, we will automatically disburse the payments to your employees and the government. You can switch it off anytime you want if you feel like you’re missing out on all the payroll fun.
  • Security: Armed robots on dragons’ aside, security is the one thing we take seriously at Wagepoint. Data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit using 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption. The company employs state-of-the-art firewall and backup technology, and data resides in high-security, access-controlled Tier 3 facilities.

We are now accepting customers – come check us out and sign up today :) Happy Processing Folks!

P.S. Have no payroll needs, but love us anyway? We’d appreciate the referrals and even give you some credit – contact us to find out more.

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