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Recently we featured a guest post from Ian Hutchinson, founder and Chief Engagement Officer of, which discussed why most engagement solutions implemented at large companies typically tend to fail because they don’t put employees first. In his opinion, the solution lies in Employee-driven productivity, with the emphasis being on “employee-driven”.

At Wagepoint, we take employee engagement very seriously. We understand how important it is for our employees to be happy, and towards that end, we’ve created a culture in our company that fosters collaboration, open communication, empowerment and productivity. Until recently, we had to rely on Skype and Basecamp to do these things, but it wasn’t working out from an efficiency and organization perspective, so we decided to do something about it and create an online app to do it all.

Cue Wagepoint Play!

Wagepoint Play

Internally, we refer to Play as our company’s community, but for all intent and purposes, it is an online app to help companies create a culture of collaboration and engagement by providing employees with a platform to improve clarity, get recognized for their efforts, openly communicate with each other and to be accountable for their work.


Create Goals and Tasks

Wagepoint Play goal

Gallup measured employee engagement based on workers’ responses to their Q12 survey, which is basically 12 actionable workplace elements that have been proven to improve performance at work. Number one on that list is “I know what is expected of me at work.”

Employees need to have clarity when it comes to their job, especially knowing what is expected of them at work. Play solves this problem with the ‘Add a Goal’ feature.

Managers and employees can create goals and assign tasks to each other. As tasks are completed and checked off the list, everybody in the company is notified with a public announcement in the ‘Playground’ (imagine Facebook’s news feed). In addition to that, employees can even volunteer to ‘Join Goals’ to help out their co-workers and gain some extra points! Yes, you get points every time you take an action on Wagepoint Play, so things can get pretty competitive fast!

For companies or teams currently keeping track of all these goals and tasks using Basecamp, you can even integrate Play with your Basecamp account so you can import all your tasks, instead of having to start from scratch.


Recognize your Employees

wagepoint play recognition

Number four on the list of actionable questions in the Gallup survey was “In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.” It’s no surprise that employees who feel like their efforts are recognized tend to be more engaged. But there isn’t a platform out there currently that lets you recognize your employees’ efforts as they complete tasks and get their job done.

Play solutions this with a ‘Send Props’ feature.

Managers and employees can pick one of five badges – Night Owl, Team Player, Thank You!, Customer Service and Rock Star! that fits the situation, selects a co-worker or teammate from a list, include a personalized message and click “Send”. There are no limits to how often a person can send these props, and the best part is that these props are visible to everybody in the company. This allows other people to comment or congratulate the person who received the prop.


Create Meaningful Relationships

wagepoint play send a smile

Number 10 on the list of Gallup’s employee engagement survey is “I have a best friend at work.”

You might wonder why this is important, but the simple truth is that things are always better when you have friends around, but it isn’t always easy to make friends, especially when people expect you to be uber-professional and crap like that. Our solution was to create a ice-breaker feature called ‘Send a Smile’.

The way it works is that employees can pick one of their teammates from a list, pick a meme that cracks them up, include a personalized message and hit “Send”. If you hear your employees laughing hysterically, they’ve probably been ‘smiled’ at by one of their teammates.

The solution might not guarantee long-lasting friendships, but at least it gets the ball rolling in the right direction.


These are just some of the main features in the app, but employees can even make suggestions, create events and ask each other questions using Play. Administrators can also use the app to make company-wide announcements.

If you are super impressed and think that this is the collaboration app for your company, you can sign up for FREE in a matter of seconds and start inviting your employees. I emphasize, Wagepoint Play is 100% free and there are no charges to use the app. Sign up here to get started today!

And if you love it, it would be great to hear your thoughts. You can reach us at @Wagepoint_Play or just email me at :)