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The Bookkeeping App for Non-Bookkeepers Now Integrated With the Simplest Payroll App

Wagepoint is fully integrated with LessAccounting to turn your two favorite passions of bookkeeping and payroll into a fun reality.

LessAccounting is the perfect small business bookkeeping software for accountants who are looking for an easy solution to their bookkeeping problems. Combined with Wagepoint, you can now import all your payroll transactions and manage it using LessAccounting.

With this integration

Import payroll transactions.

You can automatically import your payroll invoice, complete with the net payroll amounts, tax payments as well as our fees.

No more manual data entry.

Each invoice can be imported by payroll cycle end date so that you don’t have to spend your time manually entering the amounts.

Map expenses.

Map your expense directory to your Posting Journal entries so that your payroll amounts are always synced up accurately.

Get started with a step-by-step article on how to connect LessAccounting to your Wagepoint account.

How to Add LessAccounting