QuickBooks Time

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Top-Rated Time Tracking Integrated With Easy-to-Use Payroll Software.

Wagepoint is integrated with QuickBooks Time so you can easily import hours worked and pay your employees accurately and on time.

Desktop? Please say you're not using punch cards either. Use a #1 rated time tracking and scheduling app to review and approve hours, then send these hours to one of the fastest and friendliest payroll apps. And do it all from your laptop, tablet or phone.

With this integration

Import approved hours

Approve timesheets in QuickBooks Time, then import those hours into Wagepoint to pay hourly employees and independent contractors.

Break down hours worked by type.

Automatically import hours by regular, overtime, double overtime and paid time off for easier tracking.

Get started with a step-by-step article on how to connect QuickBooks Time to your Wagepoint account.

How to Add QuickBooks Time