Luna Terms of Use

These Luna Terms of Use (“Luna Terms”), together with Wagepoint’s General Terms of Use available at (the “Wagepoint General Terms”) form the agreement between Wagepoint and you regarding your use of the Luna service. The terms “us”, “our”, “you” and “your”, and any capitalized terms used but not defined in these Luna Terms each have the meanings given to them in the Wagepoint General Terms.

You have indicated your intention to be bound by these Luna Terms by clicking the “Accept” button (or other button indicating acceptance) on our Website. Any use by you of any of the Luna services will also indicate your intention to be bound by these Luna Terms.

In the event of any conflict between these Luna Terms and the Wagepoint General Terms, these Luna Terms shall prevail.

Overview of Luna Services

Luna is a cloud-based paid time off (“PTO”) application that allows businesses to track employees’ PTO requests, approvals and leave balances.

Conditions and Usage

You will be solely responsible for selecting and/or customizing the applicable rules used for calculations within Luna and for complying with any applicable user documentation which we may provide. You will be solely responsible for the accuracy of information you provide for use in Luna. You acknowledge that certain information you provide for Luna will be used by Wagepoint for the Payroll Services and the Track services (if you have enrolled in the Track Services) and you are solely responsible for the accuracy of such information. You are solely responsible for the determination of employee PTO entitlement in compliance with employment agreements and applicable federal, state or provincial legislation.


You agree to pay the fees for the Luna services set out in Appendix A. Luna fees are invoiced monthly and are due five (5) days after the date of the invoice.

Appendix A – Luna Fees

Fees exclude applicable taxes and are charged in Canadian dollars for Services provided in Canada and in U.S. dollars for Services provided in the United States.

Base Fees

We charge $3 per employee per month ($20 minimum).

Additional Fees

Additional fees are payable for Luna in the following situations:

• Professional Services – If a client requires services that are considered outside the scope of Luna Services an hourly rate of $150 may be charged for the work performed.

Last Updated 2020-11-24