Our Small Business Customers Love Us!

Our customers are our friends, and we strive to make sure they're happy as can be with our customer support and product.

Since I've started using Wagepoint for my payroll processing, I've had more freedom to focus on more important things - like running my business! The streamlined process and easy to use web site has reduced my payroll from a several hour nightmare to a 3 minute breeze. And with the added bonus of direct deposit, on the fly reporting and automatic tax payment submissions, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore in a panic with questions like “Did I remember to write checks today?” or “Was yesterday the tax deadline?”. Wagepoint is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my peace of mind, my business and it’s employees!
Ron Davis, Owner
We switched all of our payroll from Ceridian to Wagepoint several months ago. Wagepoint is so automated and their team is so incredibly helpful that I hardly had to do any work to switch over. It couldn't be more of a night and day experience from my previous provider.
Caitlin MacGregor, CEO
We rely on Wagepoint for our company's payroll and they do a great job! Amanda is fantastic and handles everything for us on that front.
Matt Hodgson, CFO
Our experience working with Wagepoint has been awesome! They have been super responsive and it's great knowing that our payroll is running smoothly and needs little intervention, helping us keep our focus where it should be, on our product.
Garth Brantley, Founder