Our Small Business Customers Love Us!

Our customers are our friends, and we strive to make sure they're happy as can be with our customer support and product.

At my former business, we used one of the large international online payroll companies. We would continuously be frustrated by how cumbersome the program was, how many different things they would charge us a fee for and the lack of personalized customer service. Upon starting my next company, I sought out a better solution. I've been very happy with my decision to go with Wagepoint. It offers a much easier to use interface, the staff are exceedingly helpful and the cost is much lower. I'd recommend Wagepoint's payroll services to businesses of any size!
James Blackburn, Owner
We have been using Wagepoint since June 2013 and are very happy with it. The on boarding process was quick, the customer service is excellent and the costs are reasonable for a start-up such as ours. I would recommend Wagepoint to anyone looking for a great system to meet any of their payroll needs.
Shivam Rajdev, Owner
I was dreading payroll when I hired my first employee. My 'to do' list was already too long, and the rigmarole of calculating deductions and doing monthly remitting made me dizzy. Wagepoint made it easy. Awesome service. Awesome product. Just plain awesome.
Katelyn Bourgoin, Founder
Over our 15 year history, we have been with five payroll companies and there is no doubt that Wagepoint is the best.
Barry Alper, Partner
Wagepoint has simplified the payroll function of our company with great ease. They are friendly, helpful and always accessible. Our best experience to date!
Alison Giovannetti, Business Manager