Track: Time & Attendance Synced with Payroll

Tracking employee hours just got simpler. Employees clock in/out on the web or mobile app, managers approve their time, and Wagepoint pulls approved hours for payroll.

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Time Tracking Without the Headache

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With Track, it’s easier than ever to track employee time, approve hours, send reminders, and integrate work hours with payroll. And the best part? Since you’re already using Wagepoint, there’s no need to re-enter employee data - Track has it all!

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Setup is simpler than your coffee order

You’re already a Wagepoint user, so there’s no need to re-enter your employees' details – Track already has it covered. Just pick an overtime rule from our list, choose between timecards or timesheets, select which employees will use Track, and you’re done.

Employees submit their own hours for approval

Don’t waste management time on tracking hours – employees can clock in/out on their laptop, tablet, and smartphones. Managers get notified when timesheets are available to review so they can approve hours worked for payroll.

Set up your company
Set up your company

Import hours and pay your employees faster

Once employee hours have been approved, import the hours with a single click. Hours are automatically added as regular and overtime hours, but you can make changes in Wagepoint if needed.

Why Small Business Owners Love Track

Track has shaved off countless hours of work, and back and forth between employees and managers during employee payroll reconciliation.

Sunny Hundle


We used to spend hours going through time sheets before payday. Now with a simple click of a button, I can track each employee’s time. Track has turned hours of work into minutes.

David Razel


Tracking hours was one of the most time consuming processes before we found Track. It has reduced our time spent on tracking employee time from hours to minutes.

Alex Moore



Simple, no-nonsense pricing

Only pay for employees who use Track

1-6 users

20 / MO

flat fee

7 + users

3 / MO

per active user

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Do I need a Wagepoint account to use Track?
Yes - Track is a time and attendance app built to use with Wagepoint so you can streamline your time tracking and process payroll faster and more accurately. Don't have a Wagepoint account? Sign up here.
How much does Track cost?
For 6 or less active Track users, you pay a flat rate of $20 per month. For 7+ users, you pay $3 per user per month. You only pay for employees who are set up on Track.

For example, your company has 13 employees on staff – three are salaried and 10 employees are paid hourly. Only the 10 hourly employees are set up to record their hours on Track, so you'll pay $3 per user for a total of $30 per month.

Track fees are debited from the bank account you have on file for Wagepoint. You'll be charged at the start of each month, separately from your Wagepoint payroll fees.
How do I activate Track in my Wagepoint account?
Once you log into your Wagepoint account, click the “Add-Ons” options in the list under your avatar in the top right corner of your screen. Select the tab labeled “Track,” and then click the “Activate” button.
How do you define an active user?
Employee records from Wagepoint are automatically added to Track when you activate the integration. But the employee is only considered to be an active user when you select "Yes" to indicate they are a Track user.
How does Track integrate with Wagepoint payroll?
Once you activate the integration, you'll see a button "Import Track" appear in the payroll process on the hourly tab. Click the button and your regular and overtime hours will automatically be imported into payroll.
Do all my employees have to use Track if I sign up?
No - you can choose to activate (or not activate) any employee in your Wagepoint account. Whether you want to use Track for one employee or 100, it’s all up to you.
I don’t see my question listed!
Never fear - our friendly sales team is always ready to help. Contact us today and we'll help you get started.