Get back to the reason you started your business.

Solve payroll with simple software built just for small businesses and backed by the world’s friendliest team.

Free yourself from payroll pain.

You could do payroll manually, but why?

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Why do-it-yourself doesn’t work:

  • Spreadsheets and calculators.

    Is this really how you want to spend your time?

  • Handling all your payroll taxes yourself.

    Do you like to torture yourself?

  • Spend hours reprinting paystubs.

    You have better things to do.

  • Get carpal tunnel writing paper cheques.

    Retire your checkbook and rehab your wrist.

  • Run the same payroll over and over.

    Like pushing the same rock up the same hill?

  • Cobble together makeshift solutions.

    You really don’t have to do it the hard way.

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Why life is better with Wagepoint:

  • One click.

    Enter your data once, then approve.

  • We do it for you.

    Enable the feature and we take it from there.

  • Let your employees help themselves.

    Our online portal makes it all possible.

  • Use direct deposit.

    Send the money right to your employees’ bank accounts.

  • Set it and forget it.

    If your payroll can run itself, let it.

  • Use leading integrations.

    Including QuickBooks Online and Xero.

From now on payroll is easy does it.

Ensure everyone gets paid with our comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use payroll software.

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Offer online access to pay details.

With our secure portal, employees and contractors can easily view their current and past paystubs, edit their banking and personal information and access their W-2s/1099s. No more reprinting lost paystubs or putting year-end tax documents in the mail.

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Easily import approved hours.

Do away with data entry. If you use 7Shifts, TSheets, Deputy or any other time-tracking applications, you can quickly import approved hours into Wagepoint. If you’re not using a specific application, you can also use a CSV file to import hours.

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Let your payroll run itself.

Got salaried workers with a set rate of pay and no one-off payments, like expenses? If you have a payroll that’s pretty much the same every time and could really run itself — let it with our convenient auto-approve feature.

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Find help when you need it.

From the built-in setup guide to our “How can we help?” tab, help is literally everywhere you look. Just click on the help tab to pop up a list of related articles, If you can’t find the answer, press the “Submit a ticket” button to send us a message.

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Get back to business.

You didn’t start your business so that you could run payroll. After all, that’s what we’re here for. With payroll solved, you can take that time and effort and invest it back into your business and your employees.

Count on people who care.

Support is a powerful word and a promise we’re committed to keeping.

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Count on people who care.

Support is a powerful word and a promise we’re committed to keeping.

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We’ll be there from the moment you sign up.

From a welcome email to a built-in setup guide, we’ll help you with filling in the business, tax and employee information you need to get ready to run your first payroll. Plus, your billing doesn’t start until you run your first payroll.

Pro Tip: Allow time for set up. You have to gather your information and enter it and we have to validate your banking information before you can run your first payroll.

Streamline your payroll even more.

Leverage helpful integrations with industry-leading applications.