How People by Wagepoint saves time & money for thousands of happy customers.

Companies using People by Wagepoint software report higher employee engagement and lower attrition.

Brownwyn Mondoux
, Owner

People by Wagepoint made our people processes easier so we can spend more time being creative and with our clients.

Brownwyn Mondoux
, Owner
Customer since 2014

HR Managers report saving at least two hours per week because of People by Wagepoint.

Betsy Miller, Director of HR

We didn't expect how much happier it would make life for our team.

Betsy Miller, Director of HR
Customer since 2018

Docusign and other eSignature services cost thousands a year. With People by Wagepoint software, custom forms and eSignatures are included!

John Meyers, President

I can’t see ever going back to emails, shared folders, and spreadsheets.

John Meyers, President
Customer since 2015

Most common questions we get:

Do I need to install anything?

Nope, People by Wagepoint software runs in all major, modern browsers.

Are there any contracts?

None. Period.

How can I pay?

You can pay for People by Wagepoint software using any major credit card.

What happens at the 
end of my trial?

Once your trial is up, you’ll need to pay to continue using People by Wagepoint. If you need more time, let us know and we can extend your trial.

Do I get customer support?

All pricing plans come with responsive customer support for you and your employees. Enterprise plan customers have a guaranteed response time of thirty minutes during regular US business hours.