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Payroll Automation
Simplified for Small Business

Online payroll software to pay your employees and independent contractors easily while staying compliant with Federal, State and Local payroll regulations.

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Alex Copeland
Office Manager, Bien Cuit

Trusted by thousands of small businesses across North America

Payroll is mission-critical to your business. We get that, big time.

That's why we pride ourselves on our world-class support which means
we are here for you when you need us.

At my former business, we used one of the large international online payroll companies. We would continuously be frustrated by how cumbersome the program was, how many different things they would charge us a fee for, and the lack of personalized customer service. Upon starting my next company, I sought out a better solution. I've been very happy with my decision to go with Wagepoint; it offers a much easier to use interface, the staff are exceedingly helpful and the cost is much lower. I'd recommend Wagepoint's payroll services to businesses of any size!
James Blackburn
West Of Contra
Wagepoint has simplified the payroll function of our company with great ease. They are friendly, helpful & always accessible.
Best experience to date!
Alison Giovannetti
Marcato Digital
We switched all of our payroll from Ceridian to Wagepoint several months ago. Wagepoint is so automated and their team is so incredibly helpful that I hardly had to do any work to switch over It couldn't be more of a night and day experience from my previous provider.
Caitlin MacGregor

You never have to worry about the basics with our online payroll software.

What do you call payroll software that doesn't do all the stuff below? Well, we wouldn't know because we do it all!

State & Local Taxes
1099's, W2's
& W3's
Wage Detail
New Hire
Payments to

Payroll done without any drama.

We work hard to craft an amazing, user-friendly experience that passes the 'my-grandma-could-use-it' sniff test.

Set up your company in a matter of minutes

Step into a land where setting up your company might actually be tolerable, if not somewhat fun. We also offer a free 'Switch It' service if you have over 10 employees to move over from another payroll system.

Invite your employees to access their paystubs

Tired of re-printing lost paystubs and year end W2's? Once you provide your employees access to their own personal information, you will never have to worry about that ever again.

Set up your company

Process your hourly & salaried payroll quickly

Use Wagepoint to pay hourly or salaried employees or even contractors at the same time. You can also add multiple Paygroups for payrolls on different frequencies.

Set up your company

Take a vacation with our auto-approve feature

Let's say your payroll doesn't change very often, should you still log in and approve it? We don't think so. With our set-it-and-forget-it features, we make sure payroll runs, even when you are busy sipping mai-tai's on a beach somewhere.

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Support ticketing right within the app

Use the floating 'Support' tab to access our knowledge base or fire off a support ticket in case of questions. Our current score: 95% on customer service satisfaction.

(Updated last on: March 12th, 2016)

Set up your company

Simple, no-nonsense pricing.

No set up fees, no year-end fees and definitely, no contracts.


Including 10 state/local taxes.
Additional states / locals taxes at $2 per payee

Our servers are hosted in the Amazon cloud to support our international expansion while providing our customers with greater security, reliability and functionality. We provide 256-bit SSL encryption on your connection to the Wagepoint site. This means the data you send and receive is guarded from prying eyes. And we will never share your information with anyone without your permission. You have our word on that!

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