Online payroll software with all
the perks and none of the drama

Wagepoint Pay is easy-to-use & secure.

It calculates payroll deductions, handles direct deposits & government remittances for companies in Canada.
Finally, painless payroll - You’re Welcome!

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All the perks of online payroll for a great price

  • Wagepoint Pay is an online payroll software that can keep your small business compliant with timely government remittances and employee payroll convenient with direct deposits.

    Convenience & Compliance

    Never write another payroll cheque or pay another government fine

  • Wagepoint Pay is an easy-to-use online payroll software that can take care of your small business payroll needs.

    Software built for humans

    User focused & intuitive; passes the “my grandma could use it” sniff test

  • Wagepoint Pay provides paperless payroll in the cloud. Your employee paystubs can be accessed online at anytime.

    24/7 Employer & Employee access

    Pay stubs & T4s - all at your fingertips

  • Wagepoint Pay is an online payroll software with excellent customer service at no extra cost to your small business.

    TLC from Customer Service

    Modern technology meets good ol’ fashioned customer service


Security is important at Wagepoint

We provide 256-bit SSL encryption on your connection to the Wagepoint site. This means the data you send and receive is guarded from prying eyes. We encrypt data. When you enter information into the application, all sensitive information (passwords, national ids, and banking information) is encrypted in the database. Our servers are located in Canada in a Tier 3 facility with backup redundancies in place.

You can contact us anytime to learn more about our security measures.

What our customers say...

Over our 15 year history, we have been with five payroll companies and there is no doubt that Wagepoint Pay is the best.

Barry Alper


Fresh Restaurants

Fresh Restaurants recommends Wagepoint Pay online payroll software.
Wagepoint has simplified the payroll function of our company with great ease. They are friendly, helpful & always accessible.
Our best experience to date!

Alison Giovannetti

Business Manager

Marcato Digital

Marcato Digital recommends Wagepoint Pay as best online payroll for small business.
We rely on Wagepoint for our company's payroll and they do a great job! Amanda is fantastic and handles everything for us on that front.

Matthew Hodgson



Vidyard recommends Wagepoint Pay as online payroll software with excellent service.

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