We're good company!

Meet the people behind the magic.

Shrad Rao
Chief Executive Officer

Shrad is our Go-to-Market maverick. His passion and commitment to our company is evident during many sleepless nights as he ponders our next move. Some say he might be Batman – well, it’s really only him saying that so we don’t actually believe him – or do we?

Jason Ning
Chief Financial Officer

What kind of person would willfully take on the role of CFO at a payroll company? The same kind of person who has read all of the Game of Thrones books but hasn’t watched the series. We’re a unique group and Jason is no exception — taking both a focused and human approach to managing our finances.

Ryan Dineen, MSIR
Chief Architect

Ryan is our resident Human Resources tech guru. He is a very keen observer of changing trends in the workplace ensuring that we will always be at the cutting edge. He balances his responsibilities for our payroll app along with pursuing his life's ambition to become a Napa Valley Sommelier!

Leena Thampan
Chief Product Officer

Leena worked for some of the big guns in the media industry before deciding her true calling was to be the ultimate curator of our brand - this is our version of the story, of course. When she’s not helping spread the good word, she spends her downtime crafting culinary masterpieces from all over the world.

Alex Yohn
Chief Technology Officer

Alex knows the secrets of the universe. Well, at least the universe of building efficient and scalable back-end operations using the latest and greatest technologies. When Alex isn’t using his mad skills for good, he can be found exploring the world deep in the woods, or desert, or wherever there are no people.

Qais Maash
Senior Integrations Developer

Our resident ‘Mr. Competent’, Qais makes everything better the moment he touches it. As our senior engineer, his internal demo’s usually go off without a hitch - and that’s saying something! A wannabe soccer superstar, Qais scratches his itch by playing FIFA on his Xbox online, with friends, with guests - so basically with anyone who happens to be within a 10-foot radius.

Timur Manko
Head of Engineering

Have you ever moved from the Ukraine to Nova Scotia or helped design a small business payroll software platform from the ground up? Timur has. As Head of Engineering he now leads the way on our adventures through the payroll universe — with quick rest breaks at any interesting cafés along the way.

Donovan Clarke

Donovan is Wagepoint’s front-end magician; he makes everything work the way it should. He dabbled in business before deciding to switch over to the tech side, and he’s never looked back since! Donovan is a devoted Cat 1 bike racer for a Domestic Elite Men's team in the US called the Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team.

Viktoriia Omelchenko
Senior QA Engineer

Viktoria’s focus is ensuring that every feature or fix that we release measures up to A+ quality standards. It’s this kind of fearlessness also explains why her favourite movie is Blade Runner 2049 or why she has no qualms about exploring live volcanoes. Her only real weakness is NYC cheesecake.

Zaid Rasid
UI/UX Designer

Most people may not know that Zaid practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Just kidding, everyone knows because he loves to talk about grappling. In his defense, he’s equally passionate about making Wagepoint as friendly and user-centered as possible.

Letitia Apolzan, CPA, CGA
Senior Accountant

She thinks that Rome is the coolest place she’s ever been. We think it’s pretty cool that she keeps our company’s financial practices in perfect shape. Letitia prefers Star Wars over Star Trek and Sir Rod Stewart above anyone else.

Natalia Woolhouse
Financial Operations Specialist

Natalia brings a background of accounting and full-cycle bookkeeping to our financial team. Technical acumen that’s completed by a love of sci-fi books and movies, domestic and international travel and any anime she can get her hands on.

Nadine El Khoja
Fraud Analyst

Our own personal Dr. Who combatting any untoward or nefarious forces in the payroll galaxy, Nadine also enjoys binge watching legally syndicated entertainment items on a legitimate streaming service. We’re pretty sure she’s never even taken the tag off a mattress.

Reshani Reginald
Technical Support Engineer

When clients raise the alarm, she’s the girl to call to smite any payroll demons or app glitches. While her husband’s version of paradise is a flea market and an unlimited budget, Reshani would prefer a fruity drink and unlimited time on a beach in Bora Bora.

Michelle Mire
Inbound Marketing Manager

Having previously conquered the agency and freelance realms, Michelle has taken on the mantel of content creation and guardian of the Wagepoint blog. She’s also rather protective of the proper use of apostrophes and semicolons.

Ralph Eovino
Director of Customer Success

Ralph’s intensity shines right through his eyes, like the good guy in a 40’s era gangster movie setting out to right all kinds of injustice in the world. Along with fairness and loyalty, those traits are the hallmark of Ralph’s brand of customer service. Enough said. Oh wait...he also makes a mean Stuffed Zucchini with Ricotta and Herbs. A man of many talents!

Darlene Huntley
Customer Success Manager

A consummate multi-tasker, don’t be surprised if you find Darlene doing her best Juice Newton impression to ‘Queen of Hearts’, playing fetch with her little doggie Niko - all while working to provide world-class service to our customers everyday. She makes everything seem effortless! You need something done quickly and right the first time? She’s the one you call.

Monica Justesen
Customer Success Manager

Monica follows one simple rule when dealing with customers. She treats them exactly the way she would want to be treated. It's that kind of badassery (it's a real word!) that makes her a pleasure to have around. She also moonlights as a part-time photographer which just serves to make us cooler by association.

Nancy Wilman
Customer Success Team Lead

Nancy is a firm believer in doing things right the first time. However, should anything go awry, she’s also an avid renovator. When not fixing and repairing on a daily basis, she’s dreaming of touring Italy, seeing the sites and partaking in plenty of scrumptious food.

Janice Rutledge, PCP
Customer Success Hero

A certified payroll compliance practitioner (PCP), Janice's passion for payroll stems from a love of people and numbers and the balance in between. Her other passions in life are being a wife, mom and grandma. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and tending to her garden.

Heather Rudow, MBA
Customer Success Hero

If she’s not reading The Elegant Universe, Heather’s jamming to Stairway to Heaven. In her and our customers’ worlds, she’s all about finding answers and enlightenment. If there’s a problem to solve, she’s sort of like a payroll Inspector Gadget.

Robin Jones
Customer Success Hero

Keeping up with this Jones would have you competing with three children, four cats and one fishy fish. Needless to say, Robin’s cool under pressure and not too easily surprised. Seriously, nothing scares her. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

Belinda Backhouse
Customer Success Hero

If you ask Belinda whether she prefers Star Wars or Star Trek, she’ll say, “Battlestar Galactica.” Zigging when everyone else zags it just one of the things that makes her a perfect fit for our customers and our business.

Jeanette Fougere, PCP
Customer Success Hero

Originally from Newfoundland and currently residing in Nova Scotia, if you ask Jeanette where she’d like to travel she’d say Cuba is her favourite exotic location, Newfoundland is close to her heart and that she’d be ok if she were shipwrecked on an island (albeit temporarily).

Amanda Hoeg
Head of Operations

Amanda ensures payrolls are processed accurately and are timely & compliant with all laws! Phewffff....she has seen it all! When she isn’t busy making sure everybody gets paid, she’s likely hanging out with her dog, Porter or out camping in the wilderness.

Roxann Williams
Payroll Specialist

Roxann is a little bit o’ sugar, spice and all that’s nice. You will likely discover this for yourself, if you call in with payroll related questions. She loves animals (especially her dog Lexi & cat Monte), dislikes bullies and was actually born a Dragon!

Sue MacDonald
Payroll Specialist

Sue is widely considered to be the top candidate for Most Helpful Person Ever. We know this because, despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to wear out her patience and graciousness. Sue enjoys her days off ‘city’ camping (her word for camping with modern luxuries) with her family and cute grandkids.

Carrie McCoy
Onboard Specialist

Carrie thrives on trekking up mountainsides in her trusty Jeep. Any parallels to onboarding are purely coincidental. In fact, she aims to make your journey as smooth as possible, so that all you have to do is enjoy the view. Not a fan of heights? She’ll find you another metaphor too.

Rick Quinn
Sales Manager

After years in payroll sales, the most important thing Rick’s learned is that business is personal. He loves to talk, and can’t believe he’s managed to turn his chatter into a real job. He’ll keep you entertained for hours - and it’ll work if you’re into action movies, bad jokes, and stories from his other life as a mild-mannered newspaper repor—oops! We’ve said too much…

Ryan MacDougal
Sales Representative/Welcome Committee

Ask him about the latest book he’s read or how firmly he believes that any two people on the planet are six or fewer acquaintance links apart — à la six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Either way, any conversation with Ryan is an intellectually engaging and wise way to spend your time.

Cassy Collins
Graphic Designer

Cassy’s talent is visible throughout our blog and web content. Her background in graphic design and her line of inappropriate greeting cards is what connected her with Wagepoint. Creating one illustration at a time is how she will slowly take over the world... or at least Wagepoint's blog.

Directors & Advisors

Bill Murphy, CPA, CA
Chairman of the Board,
Investor and Advisor

Bill has spent his entire career helping small businesses succeed first as a Chartered Accountant and then as an entrepreneur. His high energy usually manifests itself with profuse hand gestures and a sparkle in his eye. Bill also enjoys singing karaoke and bike-riding, though never at the same time!

Richard Landzaat, CPA, CA

Richard is a consummate entrepreneur who has spent his entire career working with small businesses to help them succeed. A big wig in his own right, Richard is probably the most likeable guy to ever walk on this planet. If you don’t believe us, reach out to him and find out for yourself.

Meet Digit
Chief Happiness Officer |

Digit is our fearless mascot. He represents our efforts in helping bring your workforce to life with tools and resources that build better relationships between employers and employees. During his downtime, Digit follows a regimented workout schedule at the gym, in anticipation of the future when we might actually draw a girl robot.