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Payroll Calculations

Sure, you can use a payroll calculator to figure out those complicated gross-to-net calculations, but why not save your time with our simple payroll software instead? Enter the gross pay rate and our app will automatically calculate the net amounts for you.

CRA/ Revenu Quebec Remittances

We keep your small business and employees compliant with the CRA / Revenu Quebec by submitting your source deductions based on your remittance schedule. This means you don’t have to worry about late payments or penalties.

Direct Deposit

Once your payroll is approved three business days prior to the desired paydate by 12pm EST, your company’s bank account will automatically be debited, and your employees or contractors will receive their pay directly in their bank accounts on pay day.

Contractor Payments

Our app makes it easy for you to manage and payout contractors as well. We deposit their gross payroll directly into their bank account, and at year-end, we generate the T4A, which your contractors can access online.

T4/T4A/RL-1 Reports

At year-end, we automatically populate all T4s/T4As and RL1s with the payroll amounts for the year, and we submit them to the CRA on your behalf. Your staff can log in to their Wagepoint accounts to view and print their summary reports when they are due.

Record of Employment (ROE)

No one wants to terminate an employee. But if you have to, we will take care of creating and submitting the ROE to Service Canada so that you stay compliant as an employer.

Statutory Holiday Calculations

Tired of figuring out statutory holiday payroll for your employees? Wagepoint does it automatically for you, as long as we have at least two payrolls processed in the system. This is one feature many of our customers absolutely dig, especially those with hourly employees.

Additional Incomes

Want to add bonuses, commissions, expenses, or really anything at all to your employee’s pay cheque? Wagepoint automatically calculates the tax implications of any income added to regular pay so that you don’t have to do the math yourself.

Additional Deductions

Easily deduct RRSP contributions, health benefits, parking etc. from an employee’s pay cheque. Our app automatically figures out the tax implications of any amount deducted from regular pay, so that, once again, you can spend your time growing the business.

Online Pay Stubs

Staff can access their pay stubs for every single pay date, from the date you start using Wagepoint. Even terminated employees can access their Wagepoint account to view and print pay stubs and T4 summary reports as needed.

Workers' Compensation

We calculate and remit Workers' Compensation for you. The only thing you have to do is submit the Workers' Compensation reports using the details in your payroll reports. (We are not authorized to submit those reports on your behalf.)

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