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Yoogs Inc. is a bilingual Québec-based accounting and bookkeeping practice that likes to keep things super simple for themselves and their clients. They know their clients just want to run their business, so they help by taking the bookkeeping work off the table via easy peasy, paperless applications online.

It’s not just about a simple way to access Yoogs Inc.’s services, though. Their goal is also to understand their clients’ businesses down to the model so they can provide them with a ready-to-use service and the support they need as their businesses grow.

Founded in 2012, the practice has three people keeping the accounting and bookkeeping balls rolling, including payroll.

A payroll software that can integrate.

Being as close as they are to their clients, the folks behind Yoogs Inc. know there are many different needs that can come up along the way for clients with growing businesses.

Ugo Soum, Owner of Yoogs Inc., says integration was a big piece of the puzzle they were looking for when choosing a payroll software for their practice and their clients.

We were looking for an application that would be easy to integrate with our service and other applications, such as QuickBooks, Karbon, et cetera.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Having the option to connect to accounting software gives them the opportunity to have a more seamless workflow between them and their clients. That’s where integrations like Wagepoint’s with QuickBooks Online are a great match. It means that things like payroll journal entries automatically transfer from the payroll software to the accounting software. This simplifies balancing the books!

Worry-free payroll to offer clients.

Integrations aren’t the only reason that Ugo chose and loves Wagepoint. He says he also loves how simple it is to use and the superb customer support. Why? Besides the obvious, this means they can show their clients that payroll will be taken care of on time and accurately. It means giving their clients another reason to have confidence in their practice.

Thanks to Wagepoint and the simplicity of their app, but more importantly their ultra-efficient customer support, we can offer a worry-free payroll service to our customers.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Adaptability: Handling Québec payroll and fast-grown companies.

Payroll needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, so being prepared for circumstances where clients might have particular needs is something Ugo knows he has to keep on top of.

For Yoogs Inc.’s client base, it means having the ability to handle things like Québec remittances (hello TPZ monthly remittance and RL-1 year-end forms) and being able to take on new employees for fast-growing companies (hello potential new income types and deductions). Remember how Ugo described offering a worry-free payroll service to his clients? This falls under that too with what Wagepoint can handle as a payroll software.

Thanks to the ease of implementation, the key support and the operability, we were able to set up payroll services quickly, adapted to the reality of our Québec customers. We have fast-growing clients, and this allows us to react quickly to the integration of new employees.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Wagepoint in action: Keeping up with company growth.

Ugo says there are so many stories he could share about how Wagepoint has made a difference for his clients. One in particular, Abbeal Canada, jumps to mind. This company is growing fast, but Wagepoint makes it easy to keep up.

Our client Abbeal Canada is growing rapidly. We are often adding IT employees. The ease of doing so allows us to move quickly. Also, salaries change often due to the industry. Without Wagepoint, it would be a headache. Abbeal’s managers save a lot of time with the service we provide (payroll slips, quick adjustments, recurring changes et cetera.).

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Another game changer for Yoogs Inc. comes from working with affiliated companies. Ugo says from registration to first payroll, the simplicity of managing the whole process and the follow-up are huge.

Sharing Wagepoint with clients, accountants and bookkeepers alike.

Ugo has been so impressed by how easy Wagepoint is to use for and by the program’s “unbeatable support,” that he shares that with those he thinks could benefit from it. Whether it’s other accounting and bookkeeping practices looking for a payroll solution or clients, Wagepoint is their go-to recommendation.

By the way, I recommend it whenever possible, and if a client wants to do their own payroll service, I recommend Wagepoint, and they usually listen to me.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Ditch high-risk, manual payroll.

While we’re on the topic of manual payroll, Ugo has some thoughts about that as well — mostly that it should be ditched. Here’s what he has to say.

Why do payroll manually with a high risk of making inadequate remittances, late remittances, payrolls that never work with legal changes, and above all why spend time doing payroll instead of developing business? It’s easy to put into perspective the number of hours spent trying to do a payroll manually, versus the cost of Wagepoint.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

Continued simplicity and accuracy.

Keeping payroll simple and accurate is our jam, and we’re so happy to hear that Wagepoint is having such a positive impact on you and your clients, Ugo! We wish you all the best as you continue your journey with us.

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