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At Wagepoint, we’re in the business of making your life easier by making sure payroll runs seamlessly. We know that paying your employees on time is top priority so we’ve put together a list of our very favourite Wagepoint features you might not know about, including easy how-to video demos! We’re confident these easy-to-set up features will make your payroll life that much better.

1. Workers’ compensation remittance.

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We want to make reporting workers’ compensation to your province as easy as possible. Did you know that for most provinces, Wagepoint can calculate and remit to the provincial workers’ compensation agency? 

When you log into Wagepoint, navigate to Company > More > Worker’s Compensation and add the worker’s compensation rate. After the rate is added, you’ll need to add the rate to the respective employee(s) by navigating to Employee > Job > WSIB rate. By completing this process, the amount due will automatically be deducted when payroll is run and submitted to the compensation board on your behalf.

Bonus: You can add more than one rate per employee, free of charge!

Note: Wagepoint cannot remit workers’ compensation for New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and Yukon. Wagepoint can however still provide these calculations.

2. Employees can have multiple jobs.

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At Wagepoint, we know that sometimes your employees wear more than one hat! Which is why we make it easier to add multiple job titles to your employee(s) profile.

3. Quick toggle search between employees.

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When you need to make changes to the same details (such as tax settings) for a group of employees, there’s an easier way than manually navigating to each employee profile. Instead, you can make the change to the first employee, then navigate to the top-left corner of the page and click “Jump to”. The bar will auto-populate with additional employee names, allowing the employer to quickly toggle to that exact setting for every employee. Magic!

4. Import hours and earnings using CSV.

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Wagepoint makes inputting your employees’ hours and earnings easy. You can download CSV files for tracking and simply upload them to Wagepoint when it’s payroll time! To get started, click the “Add-ons” link from the drop-down menu next to the avatar icon and voilà!

Note: We recommend that you download a new template each time you hire/terminate an employee or add/remove income codes.

  1. Celebrate birthdays and work-a-versaries.

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Yes, we send payroll reminders and notifications when reports are available (aka the “important stuff”). But did you know that Wagepoint also sends out emails when an employee has a birthday or is celebrating a work anniversary (the “fun stuff”)?

You can select which types of notifications to receive about your employees in your Account Settings. In other words? We increase the ratio of ice cream cakes in the office by at least 500% annually.

6. Print your own cheques as needed.

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Not everyone prefers direct deposit — some folks want to keep it old-school. Whatever their preference, we’ve got it covered. For employees who don’t like to hold things, you can deposit their pay directly into their bank accounts. But if they do like the feeling of paper, you print cheques for them in Wagepoint.

With a payroll BFF, in your corner, payroll becomes easy-peasy. Our payroll software helps automate many tasks and has your payroll to-do’s easily navigable — making your life easier. We hope these little gems help up your payroll game!