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If you’re a small business owner in Canada, let’s talk about something that’s probably been on your mind: HR software. Now, before you start thinking about daunting spreadsheets and endless forms, let me tell you, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Choosing the right HR software can free up your time and greatly reduce stress. And who doesn’t want that?

But with so many options out there, making the best choice can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. This guide will help you choose the right HR software for your small business.

What to look for in HR software for small business.

Picking the right software to tackle human resources tasks is like hiring the perfect assistant. You want someone (or something, in this case) that’s reliable, smart, and doesn’t require a manual to understand. Here’s the inside scoop on what really counts:

Core functions

The best HR software is versatile, reliable and ready for any task. You’ll want a tool that can juggle everything from the essentials of employee onboarding to performance reviews to managing those all-important time-off requests. It’s all about having a comprehensive solution that can handle your day-to-day HR tasks with ease.

Ease of use

Let’s be real – who has time to spend hours learning new software? Not you. User-friendliness is a non-negotiable for HR software solutions. You need something that’s as easy to navigate as your favourite social media app. It should streamline your HR tasks, not complicate them. Look for intuitive interfaces and straightforward functionalities that make your life simpler, not one that feels like solving a Rubik’s cube.

Reporting and analytics

Knowledge is power, and this is especially true when it comes to managing your team. The right HR software should provide you with the insights and important information you need at your fingertips. From tracking employee performance to understanding payroll trends, insightful reporting and analytics can help you make well-informed decisions that benefit your business.


Last but not least, let’s talk dollars and sense. Your ideal HR software should fit within your budget while still packing a punch in functionality. It’s about finding that sweet spot where affordability meets quality. You don’t need to break the bank to get top-notch features. There are great options out there that offer excellent value without skimping on the essential tools you need to streamline your HR processes.

HR software for small business Canada.

Here are some top picks that might just be the perfect fit for your business. 

People by Wagepoint

Best for: Small businesses venturing into the world of workforce management, especially ideal for first-time business owners with small teams with fewer than 50 members. 

People by Wagepoint standout features

  • User-friendly interface: So intuitive, it’s like it can read your mind. Perfect for those who’d rather not wrestle with complicated software.
  • Comprehensive employee management: This is your one-stop shop for essentials like: 
    • Onboarding new hires 
    • Employee performance
    • Managing and tracking time off
    • Electronic document management (including esignatures)
  • Transparent pricing: Whether you’re going with the basic plan or one of the top ones better fits what you’re looking for, you’ll know what’s included in each one up front. No surprises!
  • Secure HR document storage: Securely store, manage and distribute employee records and other HR information. This feature helps small business teams stay compliant without having to be HR professionals.  
  • Pair it with Wagepoint Payroll: As a part of the Wagepoint ecosystem, you can use People by Wagepoint alongside its staple payroll product. (Psst! The add-on integration that’ll make managing your employees and payroll processes even easier is coming soon.)

People by Wagepoint is a true hero for small business owners stepping into the realm of workforce management. With its remarkable ease of use and transparent pricing, it’s a breath of fresh air for anyone who’s ever been bogged down by clunky, complex software that always seems to have a hidden cost somewhere.

Overall, People by Wagepoint helps Canadian companies streamline HR processes without the fuss. 

Folks HRIS

Best for: Businesses in search of a robust HRIS that makes applicant tracking seem like a walk in the park.

Folks HRIS standout features

  • Applicant tracking system: This tool simplifies the process of recruiting new employees.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: Delivers the insights you need on your team’s performance.

Like it’s name suggests, Folks HRIS is a contender in the human resource information system space, especially for those who want their recruitment process to be as smooth. The applicant tracking system is a standout, keeping finding the right people and attracting top talent simple. It also helps you understand your team. Detailed reporting and analytics give you a clear picture of your HR data, giving you the knowledge to make real-time, informed decisions.


Best for: Canadian businesses seeking an all-encompassing HR system.

Rise standout features

  • Integrated HR functions: Rise boasts functions from “recruitment to retirement” with their all-in-one platform to take on HR-related tasks.
  • Benefits management: Manage benefits like health insurance without a heavy lift of manual work.

Rise is the jack-of-all-trades of HR software for Canadian businesses, especially those looking for a one-package solution. This platform takes the complexity out of HR tasks, whether it’s managing payroll or tracking time off. The benefits management feature is a particular highlight, making sure looking after your team’s well-being is straightforward and stress-free. 

Cangaroo HR

Best for: Streamlining and consolidating personnel information.

Cangaroo HR standout features

  • Centralized employee data: Access all your employee information in a snap.
  • Benefits management: On top of the usual important tasks related to HR, Cangaroo also offers benefits management, including group insurance.

Québec-based Cangaroo HR helps small businesses overwhelmed by disjointed employee data. Its centralized employee data feature is a real bonus, bringing all your crucial information into one accessible place. The streamlined HR processes mean less time drowning in paperwork and more time driving your business forward. 


Best for: Small businesses in the global space.

Deel standout features

  • Free HR features: For businesses with under 200 employees, Deel HR is free.
  • Global payroll compatibility: Like it’s global HR features, Deel also has a global payroll plan.

Deel offers a good HR solution, especially for small businesses eyeing global expansion. Deel is a good choice for those who need HR software that’s as ambitious and boundary-pushing as their business.


Best for: HR basics like company and task management and employee onboarding.

Humi standout features

  • Integrated HR suite: On its core plan, Humi helps small business HR teams with the basics. (Humi has higher-tier plans for features like time-tracking or performance management.)
  • Payroll solution: Humi’s middle tier includes features to manage and process payroll.

Humi could be the solution for managers with a basic set of features in mind, such as managing benefits and hiring and onboarding workflows. Beyond this, Humi extends its capabilities to thorough employee data management, detailed performance evaluations and time-off tracking.


Best for: Businesses looking for a full suite human resources management system.

Rippling standout features

  • Large selection of tools: Headcount planning, recruiting, learning tools, performance management — these are just some of the features available in Rippling.
  • Customizable solutions: Tailor-made to fit the unique needs of your business.

Rippling’s suite of features is good for ambitious businesses that are looking to dive headlong into the HR space and even explore a global scale. This HR management software takes into account the nitty gritty of HR tasks and loads up on the tools to get the job done.

ADP Canada

Best for: Medium to large businesses looking for a comprehensive HR solution.

ADP Canada standout features

  • Wide range of services: From payroll to talent management, ADP Canada offers a breadth of services for various HR needs.
  • Robust reporting: Provides detailed analytics and reports, helping you make data-driven decisions.

ADP Canada offers a number of tools designed to cater to a wide array of HR requirements. Whether you’re grappling with payroll or talent management, or striving for compliance, ADP Canada has you covered. It offers dedicated customer support to answer any questions.


Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking an easy-to-use, intuitive HR platform with a focus on employee experience.

BambooHR standout features

  • Employee self-service: Empowers employees to manage their own personal data, freeing up time for HR.
  • Performance management tools: Includes features for employee engagement, assessments and goal tracking.

BambooHR is user-friendly, with a very intuitive interface that guides you easily through each step. It’s a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. The performance management tools make it easy to track and assess employee progress.

Final thoughts on HR software for small businesses in Canada.

Selecting the ideal HR software for your business can feel a bit like finding that perfect pair of jeans — it needs to fit just right and make you feel great. It’s all about choosing the right tool that meets your specific needs, streamlining your HR tasks, and ultimately making your work life a lot easier. 

Getting started with People by Wagepoint

People by Wagepoint stands out, especially for those seeking a solution that’s as user-friendly as your favourite tech with the best features to handle all your HR needs while being easy on your wallet. It’s like having a friendly HR expert right at your fingertips.

Why not take it for a test drive? Give People by Wagepoint a go with a 14-day free trial. Experience firsthand how it simplifies and transforms your HR processes and weaves a bit of magic into the fabric of your everyday productivity and business operations.