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With the right healthcare payroll software, healthcare organizations can enter a world where payroll processing can be done in just a few clicks. 

Let’s look at the best payroll solutions, making your payroll process as smooth as can be with as little time spent as possible.

Healthcare payroll software features to look for.

When it comes to payroll, healthcare professionals need software that’s reliable, easy to use and comprehensive. Look for these vital signs in your ideal payroll solution:

  1. Automatic calculations
  2. Customization
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Compliance management
  5. Top-notch security
  6. Customer support

Automatic calculations

Calculate regular wages, stat holiday pay, overtime and payroll taxes all in one place without having to use the Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC) or sacrifice accuracy.


Cross-platform customization means being able to customize user accesses, payroll items and reporting. For example.

  • Create user profiles to enhance security and protect data.
  • Set up custom income and deduction types for accurate payroll without workarounds.
  • Run and filter reports in real time to get information that can help you make decisions on payroll, labour costs, retention and more. 

User-friendly interface

This isn’t just about being able to get through day-to-day tasks easily. You’ll also want to consider things like:

  • Does the interface make setup complicated?
  • How long will it take to onboard my employees to access and use it?
  • How long will it take to bring over data from any other systems?
  • Does it integrate with anything else I use? 

Compliance management

Maintaining regulatory compliance can be the difference between smooth sailing and having the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) come down on your small business with fines.

Top-notch security

Both company and employee data are at stake in your payroll software, so you’ll want a system that uses security measures like multi-factor authentication, encryption and more to protect your data.

Customer support

Customer support can range anywhere from spending hours waiting on hold and having a support team that walks you through from start to finish in a matter of minutes. Be sure your options are clear (phone, chat, email, chatbot) and accessible when choosing your software solution.

Payroll software for the Canadian healthcare sector.

Whether you have a medical facility or some other healthcare establishment, these are the payroll software that’ll come across your radar in your searches.

1. Wagepoint

Since 2012, Wagepoint has focused on perfecting the payroll experience for small businesses in Canada. This cloud-based software solution is a standalone product with integration capabilities.

Top features

Automatic payroll calculations

Run payroll in just four simple steps: Eliminate payroll errors and get your team of healthcare workers paid on time while also calculating payroll taxes.

Custom income and deduction types

Say your medical staff needs a custom income type or deductions for things like health benefits — you’ll have the power to set up and use these items just as you need them. This includes making one-time changes to the amounts when running payroll for those one-off situations where it’s different.

In-depth payroll reporting

From comprehensive payroll summaries to intricate tax reports, Wagepoint takes complex data and not only makes it easier to understand, but also gives you the tools to customize and export the data just how you’d like it.

For example, here’s a glimpse at the Payroll Register Report, which shows gross-to-net by employee or contractor and cost centres.

Employee self-service portal

This isn’t just a place to access pay stubs and see year-end forms (although those are definitely there, too!). Wagepoint’s employee portal shows employees a breakdown of the job, wage and pay stubs while also having the option to update their own information if you as the employer has toggled that for them.

Plus, if you’re an employee who also happens to be a payroll admin, you can easily toggle to the admin view without having to log out and log back in.

Security you can count on

Protecting personal information (which there’s a lot of in payroll) is not something Wagepoint skimps on. It has:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 2048-bit encryption using TLS 1.3 or 1.2
  • Industry- and bank-grade processes
  • A support team that’s regularly trained on best practices to protect data on all fronts

Transparent pricing

Know what features you get with your plan without any hidden costs or fees. Whether you’re going with the Solo or Unlimited plan, the features are laid out crystal clear on the pricing page.

Integration with Time by Wagepoint

Track time and attendance with speed and ease. This integration simplifies managing shifts and schedules, ensuring a straightforward and efficient process.

Customer support

Get top-tier customer support from a Canadian support team made up of real humans that know payroll and how to deliver a great customer experience every time.

Best for

Best for small business healthcare facilities looking for a standalone payroll solution who want simple and straightforward payroll processing.


Solo plan: $20 per month + $4 per employee/contractor per month

Unlimited plan: $40 per month + $5 per employee/contractor per month

Wagepoint uncomplicates what used to be time-consuming payroll management into an efficient, streamlined process. Imagine a tool as dependable as your most trusted medical equipment, effortlessly handling every aspect of payroll. 

Plus, if you’re looking for something to tackle HR tasks, People by Wagepoint could be the perfect add-on for time-off tracking, performance management and more. (Psst! Integration coming soon!)

After moving to Wagepoint running payroll, even when there is vacation pay involved, payroll takes 15 minutes max for now twice as many employees as we had when with our old service.

— Kevin McIntosh, Business Manager at Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

2. ADP

A big name in the payroll space, ADP has a payroll and HR software combo for healthcare providers whether they have small medical practices or larger enterprises.

Top features

Payroll processing

ADP has local and global payroll processing that calculates wages as well as payroll taxes. The features, varying by package, range from startup payroll basics to pro features for payroll and HR.


Get insights with reports for payroll basics as well as tax liabilities, employee summaries and more.

Employee access

Mobile app access for employees to see their pay, benefits and time-tracking information.

Time tracking and people management

Whether you’re looking to track and manage employee time, onboard new hires, manage job postings or tackle talent development, ADP’s combined HR and payroll package has features for that.

Best for

Businesses who are looking for a large suite of features that cover both the payroll and HR operations side of having employees. While some users enjoy having that many features, others find it overwhelming and difficult to navigate.


Pricing is not listed on the ADP website and interested users have to go through the website or contact sales to get a quote.

3. Paycom Beti

New to the Canadian market, Paycom’s Beti software solution puts some of the payroll processing lift in employee’s hands with “employee-guided” payroll for businesses of all sizes.

Top features

Employee self-serve

Paycom takes employee self-serve to the level of giving them access to manage things like timecards, benefits, expenses, vacation requests and more. Once they’ve filled in the information, the software first notifies them of any missing details, and then it’s off to the HR or payroll admin for approval.

Mobile app access

Employees have the ability to not only view post-payroll information in the employee portal, but also to complete the steps they need to get payroll ready for processing.


Paycom’s Beti product also works with others in its suite, including ones for time tracking, benefits administration and expense management to further the scope of how employees can contribute to the payroll process.

Best for

Best for healthcare providers wanting a more hands-off approach with employee payroll while still having the final say before pay day. However, users have reported that a wide array of features and add-ons can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate.


Pricing is not listed on the Paycom website. Interested users have to request a meeting with the sales team.

4. Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce is known for its payroll system, but it also functions as a human capital management (HCM) solution for businesses of all sizes. Meaning Dayforce also brings HR  and payroll together in one place, including for a workforce of healthcare employees.

Top features

Comprehensive payroll processing

With automatic calculations and overall payroll processing, Dayforce helps simplify payroll into a smooth, accurate workflow.

Employee engagement

The HR side of Ceridian Dayforce means the platform helps take the employee experience to the next level, from new hire onboarding to retaining long-time workers. Dayforce’s features include training tools that help you fill gaps in skillsets and develop as employees in other ways. 

Workforce management

Dayforce simplifies many workforce management tasks, including hiring quality candidates, scheduling, time tracking and navigating labour laws and regulations to reduce compliance risks and get a scope on labour costs. 

Best for

Ceridian Dayforce is best for business, including ones with global locations, looking for a human capital management system alongside payroll processing. The system is constantly being updated to meet needs, however, this can be seen as a nuisance.


Ceridian does not have prices posted online. Instead, interested users can fill out a form to connect with a sales associate.

5. QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks is no stranger to the payroll technology space for many industries, including healthcare. 

Top features

Payroll processing

With three different payroll plans to choose from, there’s a variety of payroll processing features, including the basics like setting up and calculating income and deductions as well as producing year-end forms.

Payroll reports

Accessed through the QuickBooks reports centre (in both Desktop and Online), the program’s payroll reports range from a payroll summary report to reports to get insight into payroll tax payments. Each of these reports includes various filters to narrow down the scope of information.

Employee access

The employee self-service portal gives employees access to their pay stubs and year-end forms that can be logged into via browser or mobile app. Called Workforce, employees can also set up and enter some of their own profile details in this portal.

Time tracking

Higher tier QuickBooks Payroll plans give the user access to time-tracking capabilities with the QuickBooks Time product. Since it’s directly integrated with the QuickBooks accounting platform, the data easily syncs payroll as well as areas like job-costing and reporting on projects.

Best for

QuickBooks Payroll is best for those looking for a basic payroll and accounting software combo. It’s an add-on feature to the QuickBooks Online and Desktop platforms, meaning it can’t be used as a standalone product.


QuickBooks has many pricing options. For QuickBooks Online Payroll, there are three plans to choose from.

Payroll Core: $25 per month + $4 per employee per month

Payroll Premium: $55 per month + $8 per employee per month

Payroll Elite: $80 per month + $15 per employee per month

Keep in mind these prices are in addition to the subscription cost for the QuickBooks Online accounting software.

Final thoughts on healthcare payroll software Canada.

Every minute saved on admin tasks like payroll processing or handling payroll data is a minute more for patient care. Whether it’s healthcare facilities, doctors, nurses, hospitals, dental clinics or whatever other kind of healthcare service, accurate data and payroll shouldn’t be a concern and you should have the tools at your fingertips to take care of it.

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