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As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s not just another year in the books; it’s a chapter of growth and partnership that we’re proud to share with our incredible accounting and bookkeeping allies. In 2022, we witnessed the unwavering dedication of accountants and bookkeepers across Canada, as they embraced the theme of “Evolve and Grow.”

Now, in 2023, the narrative has evolved into “Adapt and Prosper,” and let me tell you, this community did just that — blossoming into a force to be reckoned with!

These Wagepoint partners added thousands of new small businesses to their firm portfolios and accountant dashboards. 

It’s not just about numbers though. It’s a true testament to the trust that small businesses have placed in these professionals. These Top Growth Partners are not just number-crunching — they’re contributing to the heartbeat of our economy. 

Today, we raise our virtual glasses to celebrate the top 100 Wagepoint Partners who stood by us and prospered with Wagepoint throughout 2023. Your success is our success, and we’re honoured to be part of your journey.

Returning top growth partners.

A special shout out to our partners who are also recipients of our 2022 Wagepoint Top Growth Partner Award. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Amplify LLP / RLB LLP
  2. ATMOS Financial Services Inc.
  3. Avail LLP
  4. Avalon Accounting Inc.
  5. AZ Accounting / ASF Professional Corporation
  6. Baker Tilly Catalyst LLP
  7. Baker Tilly GMA LLP
  8. Baker Tilly Rockies LLP
  9. Beck Ltd.
  10. Carlson Roberts Seely LLP
  11. Chow Connolly LLP
  12. ConnectCPA LLP
  13. Curtis-Villar LLP
  14. Cycle CPA Inc.
  15. D. Toma Professional Corporation
  16. Day to Day Finance
  17. Diana Levine CPA
  18. EverSavvy Financial CPA Professional Corporation
  19. Freelandt Caldwell Reilly, LLP
  20. GBA LLP
  21. GMS Professional Corporation
  22. Guindi & Associates Inc.
  23. Hawkins & Co. Accounting
  24. Indigo Bookkeeping Services
  25. Jade Consulting Inc.
  26. King Business Solutions Inc.
  27. Kraft Berger LLP
  28. KWB Accountants & Advisors
  29. Leap ACT — Accounting | Consulting | Tax. 
  30. Linked CFO 
  31. mbf | Chartered Professional Accountants
  32. MELO LLP
  33. Navan Bookkeeping
  34. Nineteen Seventeen Chartered Professional Accountants
  35. NJCPA Professional Corporation
  36. Numetrica
  37. Plugged-IN CPA Accounting & Tax
  38. Priority Taxation Inc
  39. RealtyTax Inc.
  40. Sadovnick Morgan LLP
  41. Shimmerman Penn LLP
  42. Summa Financial Services Inc
  43. Synnot
  44. Tabworks Bookkeeping
  45. Talbot  & Associates
  46. Tally Accounting
  47. The Business Management Group
  48. Think Accounting
  49. TMFD Financial
  50. True North Accounting
  51. UpCounting
  52. VCG LLP
  53. VEA Office Professionals Inc.
  54. Vet CPA Professional Corporation
  55. Virtual Heights Accounting
  56. Virtuous Accounting & Bookkeeping
  57. Western CPA Professional Corporation

There’s so much time savings just having to review something instead of having to do the bulk of the data entry.

— Melissa Lenos, CPB, PCP, King Business Solutions

New top growth partners.

And a massive congratulations to our new 2023 Top 100 Growth Partners. Partners are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Alex McKillop Tax Ltd.
  2. Andrew T. Wilson Accounting & Tax Limited Limited
  3. Bage Tax & Accounting
  4. Baker Tilly GWD
  5. Baker Tilly REO LLP
  6. Baker Tilly RSG
  7. Baker Tilly Trillium LLP
  8. Birdhouse Bookkeeping Inc.
  9. Bookkeeping Solutions
  10. Cambridge Financial Corporation Limited
  11. CapexCPA
  12. Cappit Solutions
  13. Crowe Soberman LLP
  14. Elevate by Welch 
  15. Fresh Accounting Ltd.
  16. Gauvreau & Associates
  17. GTA Accounting Professional Corporation
  18. Hornbeam Labs Inc.
  19. Ry Financials c/o IT Financial Management Inc.
  21. KBFP LLP, CPAs
  22. KT International Tax Advisors
  23. Larry Thiessen Accounting
  24. Level Software Inc
  25. Lime Bookkeeping Inc.
  26. LNM Accounting Solutions
  27. MangoWrx Inc
  28. McRally LLP
  29. Melix CPA
  30. Moses LLP
  31. MRomero CPA
  32. Notion CPA Inc.
  34. Office CPA Chartered Professional Accountants
  35. RH&A LLP
  36. Rochon & Associates Inc.
  37. Serene Accounting Incorporated
  38. Solution Débit Crédit Inc.
  39. TandemBooks Inc
  40. TN CPA Professional Corporation
  41. Yoannou & Associates CPA’s LLP
  43. Young Associates

We love our partner community!

Cheers to each of you for making 2023 a year of not just surviving but thriving. Here’s to more growth, collaboration, and shared successes in the coming year. Thank you for being the backbone of our community!

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Thanks to the ease of implementation, the key support and the operability, we were able to set up payroll services quickly, adapted to the reality of our Québec customers. We have fast-growing clients, and this allows us to react quickly to the integration of new employees.

— Ugo Soum, Owner, Yoogs Inc.

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