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If you are a chef and you miss just one ingredient in the dish you’re preparing, the whole meal can be derailed and ruined.

It is no different with payroll.

Of all the small and large businesses out there, payroll for restaurants is among the most complicated. In this guest post for 7Shifts, Wagepoint CEO Shrad Rao discusses how software can make the payroll process simpler for restaurants.

Find out more about the advantages of using payroll software for your restaurant by reading the full post here: Payroll for Restaurants: Keeping Things Simple With Software.

You’ll learn about the benefits of combining staffing and food expenses as one line item, why using payroll software has become the new normal, and four things you should expect from your payroll software.

7Shifts is employee-scheduling software designed exclusively for restaurants. 7Shifts understands that there are unique challenges to creating employee schedules in the restaurant industry, and they are outfitted to address these challenges specifically.