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There may come a time when you need to outsource. This is a reality and one of the simplest solutions could be hiring a freelancer.

Freelance hires can take away the burden of bringing on a full-time employee and can be a perfect solution for filing in a one-time role or part-time position.

Where do you begin your freelance search?

How do you choose the perfect candidate?

How do you work effectively with your freelancer?

Leena Thampan, Wagepoint’s talented CMO answers these questions and more in our guest post for Cloudpeeps. Read the full post here: What to look for when hiring freelancers

Cloudpeeps is a developed network for high-quality marketing, content, and community management resources which are helpful resources for people who are hiring for a part-time position. Their freelancers can handle everything you need to manage your brand, engage your community and grow your network. Check out CloudPeeps’ exclusive offer for the Wagepoint community.