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McRally is a Calgary-based boutique advisory firm that focuses on growth and profitability for small and medium-sized businesses. Their custom-tailored solutions around business strategy, tax, accounting and finance help drive their clients’ business towards success — including implementing payroll as a function of business success with Wagepoint.

McRally clients come from a range of industries. Note: This list is not exhaustive.

History repeats itself — until you make a change.

The first time Jordon Sargisson, Associate at McRally, came across Wagepoint was at a previous firm. They originally used a different payroll software provider, but weren’t happy with the fees and the service they received. Eventually, they moved over to Wagepoint and Jordon learned first-hand the benefits of our payroll software.

When Jordon moved to McRally, the firm was also working with a different payroll software provider. History repeated itself. Both the McRally team and clients found they were increasingly dissatisfied with their payroll software provider who surprised them with hidden fees during the pandemic. As this was a time where working together to ensure business success mattered most, this was something that made Jordon unhappy.

Other payroll software providers may present you with lower initial costs, but then nail you with hidden fees — such as paying extra to calculate the Temporary Wage Subsidy. It was those additional fees and terrible customer support that made both our firm and our clients switch to Wagepoint.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

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Finding an ally in Wagepoint.

For McRally, moving to Wagepoint was a no-brainer. Our easy-to-use platform, world-class customer service and streamlined Record of Employment (ROE) and T4 filings made us the perfect payroll solution for McRally and their clients. It also helps that payroll now only takes a couple of minutes.

Switching to Wagepoint made our lives much easier. Wagepoint lets us make changes for a minimal fee and streamlines our T4 and ROE filings. Ease of use, great customer service and the fact that we can run payroll in only a couple of minutes made it a no-brainer.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

When Wagepoint makes sense.

Payroll shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. The right payroll provider will cater to your business size and the needs that come with it.

Here’s what Jordon has to say about which clients would best suit Wagepoint:

If you’re managing up to 50 employees and contractors, that’s when you’ll need someone on the team to specialize in payroll. Wagepoint is always our first recommendation, but after that point, the client’s payroll needs might change.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

However, this isn’t an issue for McRally as most of their clients are small- and medium-sized business owners.

Jordon’s objective insights also capture the essence of Wagepoint — we are simple payroll software built specifically for small businesses, after all!

How payroll automation helps businesses and firms.

As a cloud accounting firm, McRally is an advocate for fintech and specifically for payroll automation. For business owners, automation helps with removing human error and reduces the likelihood of getting fined and headaches.

We have never had a client — including ourselves at the firm — manually run payroll without making incorrect remittances to the CRA or paying employees the wrong amount. Automation removes human error.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

Using payroll software lets business owners spend less time dealing with headaches and administrative tasks. Instead, they can get back to what makes their company great to begin with.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

For McRally, working with Wagepoint helped them transition into an advisory firm and position themselves as strategic business partners to their clients.

With Wagepoint, we don’t have to make nearly as many payroll corrections, audits and amended T4s at year-end. This definitely lets us switch to an advisory firm that looks into the future for our clients to help them grow which beats having to clean up mistakes and working on compliance issues from the past.

— Jordon Sargisson, Associate, McRally

(Mc)Rallying behind small business owners.

Both Wagepoint and McRally partner with their clients to ensure strategic success so they can focus on what matters most — growing their business.

Thank you, McRally, for your continuous support and for calling Wagepoint your payroll software provider of choice! We’re glad to have you both as a friend and as a Wagepoint partner.

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