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Meet Kristi Mercier, owner of Harmony Meadows Alpaca Farm. Like many small business owners, Kristi wears multiple hats: From feeding her furry friends to managing payroll. Recently, she made the switch to Wagepoint for her payroll and time and attendance needs, and the results have been nothing short of delightful.

Pictured is Kristi Mercier, owner of Harmony Meadows Alpaca Farm. She's wearing round glasses and smiling at the camera in her grey Harmony Meadows shirt, which has the business logo on it.

Kristi Mercier, Owner of Harmony Meadows Alpaca Farm

Inflexible software made schedule changes hard.

It goes without saying that paying employees accurately is high on Kristi’s list of priorities. Before transitioning to Time by Wagepoint, Kristi grappled with time-tracking errors that resulted in incorrect pay for her staff. When errors happened, Kristi would feel stress and would have to take valuable time away from projects on the farm to fix the problem. Things like weather would impact staff schedules, and Kristi’s previous solution was too rigid to handle last-minute changes. When it came time to process payroll, she wasn’t confident her previous solution was going to work.

Kristi thought that there had to be a better way and sought a system that reliably reflected the actual hours her employees were working, and could be flexible when schedules changed. She wanted to spend less time running payroll every few weeks so she could focus on other projects.

Finding a solution in her network.

Kristi went to a few trusted small business owners, and ultimately her accountant, to help her narrow in on a new solution. Wagepoint came recommended in her peer groups, and by her accountant. That sealed the deal!

The Time by Wagepoint advantage.

With Time by Wagepoint coupled with Wagepoint payroll, Kristi has found a reliable partner that handles time tracking, payment distribution and other payroll tasks seamlessly. Wagepoint eased her worries and reduced the stress associated with payroll processing every two weeks.

Time by Wagepoint accurately and consistently tracks her employee’s time to the minute, so everyone is paid exactly what they earned. Kristi appreciates the simplicity and efficiency of Wagepoint’s solutions, which allows her to focus more on her beloved alpacas and less on administrative tasks.

“I have peace of mind knowing that Time is tracking employees’ work time accurately, so I can pay them for the exact hours they’re on the farm — even if they arrive early.”

Kristi values reliability and consistency, knowing that a frictionless payroll process would significantly reduce her stress levels and free up valuable time for other farm tasks.

“Time by Wagepoint has helped me spend less time on payroll every two weeks, allowing me to focus on other projects on the farm.”

All(paca)s well that ends well!

Kristi’s journey with Wagepoint highlights how choosing the right solutions for small businesses like hers can make a big difference. By prioritizing reliability, simplicity and fairness, Kristi has unlocked newfound peace of mind and efficiency in managing her employee’s time and payroll. With Wagepoint by her side, Kristi can focus on what she loves most – caring for her adorable alpacas – while leaving the payroll worries behind.

“I recommend Time by Wagepoint. If issues arise, I get the help I need so that I can get back to my farm.”