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As their name suggests, Olson’s GLO Estate Home for Special Care is a special place.

As a small Residential Care Facility, they have the big job of caring for their residents. The last thing Nicole Spinney, Manager, needed was issues with time and attendance that took away from other aspects of running the business.

Nicole has been with Olson’s for 18 years and talked with us about the struggle of balancing personal time with the demands of running a 24/7 business. After using another industry-leading payroll and time and attendance provider for years, the experience was causing major headaches due to constant interruptions, complicated processes and inadequate support. 

Pictured is Nicole Spinney, Manager of Olson's GLO Estate. She's a woman with dark, curly hair, pink glasses and a dark top smiling at the camera.

Nicole Spinney, Manager of Olson’s GLO Estate Home for Special Care

Family time.

Nicole values time with her family when she’s not working. But employees would contact her at all hours of the day (a 24/7 business, remember!) because of faulty features and not being able to record their time.

Nicole’s biggest concern was ensuring her hard-working employees were being paid correctly for the hours they worked. So, she’d immediately try to fix the problem. Sometimes, she’d spend hours or days going back and forth with support and have to bring other work home with her — meaning time she wasn’t able to spend with her family instead.

“The last thing I wanted to do was cause hardship for my employees because the technology wasn’t working.” 

The switch to Wagepoint.

Frustrated with the errors and spending tons of time trying to fix things, Nicole sought an alternative solution upon the recommendation of their accountant. The transition to Wagepoint payroll and Time by Wagepoint proved to be a game-changer.

Time by Wagepoint’s easy interface and reliability has helped the staff at Olson’s feel confident they’re being paid correctly and consistently. Nicole and her staff really appreciated the great customer service along the way. 

“I love Wagepoint’s personal touches! I’m so impressed with the customer support we’ve received.” 

At last, relief.

Wagepoint offered Nicole a real sense of relief compared to the stress and frustration caused by Olson’s previous provider. Time by Wagepoint is simple and reliable. Add to that friendly, fast customer support and personalized touches, and Nicole has a winner!

Time by Wagepoint and Wagepoint payroll is just what Nicole needed: A simple solution with solid support. As an added bonus, the solution is cost-effective compared to what they’d used in the past. Nicole gets through payroll quickly, knowing that her time tracking is accurate and error-free, providing her the peace of mind she needs to be able to relax and unwind with the fam.

“It just works! Wagepoint is a breath of fresh air.”