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“I value my time as really important. So the work-life balance is crucial.”

What do you get when you combine a last minute need for flowers (for your own wedding) with an eye for business? Floral haven Thyme Studio started when co-founder Nas Neufeld was about to get married and didn’t know where to turn for the perfect floral bouquet. Her friend Kwan Rujia (and now co-founder/Creative Director) jumped at the opportunity, and a one-off creation quickly blossomed into a thriving venture with a commitment to make luxury blooms approachable. Because, everyone deserves to receive flowers!

Based in Toronto, Nas, Kwan, and Off Suriya (Kwan’s husband and Thyme Studio’s third co-founder and designer) have crafted a brand that not only creates stunning floral arrangements but also spreads smiles, regardless of the budget

So, what was the problem?

When Thyme Studio first started, it was just the two owners running the single location, so processing payroll without a proper system was a viable solution at the time. “We didn’t really have payroll,” says Nas. “It was just manual.” 

But, with growth, the challenges of inflation and a post-COVID world came the need to adapt. As Thyme Studio expanded to two locations with four employees, Nas realized it was time to look for a solution to manage payroll properly. 

“I simply had no time to go in and figure out what they wanted me to put in,” she says.

The game changer.

So, just how did Nas come across Wagepoint? A lot of research, reading blogs and comparing various platforms. In the end, Wagepoint quickly stood out for its user-friendly interface and simplicity and Nas began using it in July 2021. “I really wanted something that was easy for me to use where I don’t have to figure out a million things,” she says. “I value my time as really important. So the work-life balance is crucial.”

Nas was so excited to find a product that was easy to use that she didn’t mind the slightly higher price point. “At the end of the day, if you screw up payroll as a small business owner, that can really screw you up with the CRA.”

A bouquet of solutions.

Not only did Nas find Wagepoint easy to use, but customer service was there to guide her along every step of the sign-up process. “It was one of the best onboarding experiences I’ve ever had for any type of interface [or] apps that have had to do with my business,” says Nas. “[Wagepoint customer service] really calmed me down because I’m scared of the CRA.”

Wagepoint’s responsiveness to customer feedback also has Nas raving. “[Wagepoint customer support] is really quick,” she says. “Any company that takes feedback like that from customers is really important.”

Cultivating compliance.

Like many small businesses that want to stay payroll compliant but don’t have time to pull all-nighters reading accounting textbooks (groan), Nas needed to find a way to stay on top of the legal side of things. “Submitting documents to the CRA is really important for me,” says Nas. But ensuring tax compliance can also be scary (we get it!). “No one wants to be on that bad list with the CRA,” she says. And Wagepoint helps her ensure compliance (and reduce stress) by seamlessly submitting documents to the CRA. “I’m really happy with all the reporting and the reminders that the system all gives. I’m really happy to be honest.”

Wagepoint also scored points for Nas on relatability, with the way that guides and tips are worded in everyday language. “It resonates with people who don’t really want to know what CPP all goes to, that is not our field,” says Nas. “And the interface is very friendly, not intimidating.”

Stopping to embrace the roses.

For Nas, Wagepoint’s impact goes beyond just payroll management. It supports the ideal work-life balance, ultimately improving her quality of life. Not bad, for a simple payroll software, eh?

As someone who values her time, having a payroll solution that offered auto-run was groundbreaking for Nas. Now she could sit back, relax, or focus on other aspects of her business, all while payroll is being processed. “All you need to do is figure out the hours and put it in. And it does everything automatically for you,” says Nas. “I think it is really valuable for anyone that’s really dedicated to their business.”

Thyme-saving payroll you can recommend to other small businesses

Cheers to Nas for continuing to be one of Wagepoint’s biggest champions. I’ve now recommended probably at least three businesses to Wagepoint,” she says. The feeling is mutual and we encourage everyone in Toronto to drop in to Thyme Studio, say hi and buy a flower (or two). It will brighten up your day, we promise. 

Rosy times ahead

After more than two years using Wagepoint, we’re excited for Nas to continue growing her business and changing people’s lives, one flower at a time.