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The St. Lawrence Academy‘s eight full time and two part time employees come together to shape the minds of youth from kindergarten to grade 8. Their goal: To inspire children and teach them skills that’ll shape them into leaders and active members of their communities. Care, acceptance and respect are among the traits they strive to instill in their students before they walk across the graduation stage.

This Ontario private school also hones in on the intellectual side of things. High academia, alongside Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) discovery and visual, dramatic and musical arts all make up the curriculum when molding these future leaders.

Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Inconsistent and inefficient past payroll experiences.

As you can imagine, The St. Lawrence Academy wanted a payroll software that could go the distance so they could focus on educating. In the past, the academy’s Director, Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, says they sought out admins and bookkeepers who could take the task off their plates. Unfortunately, it was a struggle to find those that could ace the test.

We struggled to find competent admin and bookkeeping help that could offer consistency and efficiency.

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Payroll software referral from the community.

Considering one of The St. Lawrence Academy’s goals is to shape upstanding community members, it’s no surprise that they’d have their ear to the ground in their own community. Among the discussions of the businesses and companies around them, they learned of Wagepoint.

Two years ago, we heard referrals from other local companies at a local Chamber group and thought [Wagepoint] might be a better option… It was.

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Straight “A”s for Wagepoint.

If The St. Lawrence Academy were to give Wagepoint a payroll software report card, it’d show A after A going down the page. Not only were they looking for a software to complete payroll tasks, but also one that would keep things simple and keep the staff happy.

With Wagepoint, payroll is just the click of a button, and they can have the confidence that the pay run is processed and handled correctly. (No red Xs here! Yay!)

Wagepoint support was immediate and extensive. They help us set up everything and are always responsive. Since joining, there have been almost no blips or IT issues. The program is comprehensive/easy to use and all encompassing. They issue pay cheques, T4s, have reports up the yin-yang available and are never delayed. Amazing!

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Payroll comprehension made easy.

Reports up the yin-yang sounds like quite the ordeal, but at The St. Lawrence Academy, it’s all good. Payroll comprehension isn’t just about knowing what an income type or a deduction is. It’s also knowing how all those things come together to keep tabs on business financials. Enter reports.

Here’s how Lynda feels about them.

Wagepoint has simplified everything — at just the click of a button, I have access to every report I could possibly need.

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Paid by the bell.

Calculations, running payroll, payments… these all make up part of the payroll processing workflow. And with these comes deadlines — payroll assignment due dates, you could call them. With Wagepoint, automation can help with completing the assignment. And all before the school bell rings!

For me, the number one priority is to keep my staff happy. The fact that payroll is directly deposited, that they send numerous reminders to ensure all is processed on time, and the fact that it is literally four or five clicks and not even a minute, and the process is complete — I will never go back!

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Wagepoint makes the grade.

As you can see, Lynda and the rest of The St. Lawrence Academy aren’t in the business of keeping secrets. They don’t just use Wagepoint, they want to share with the class of fellow small business owners that this is a payroll software worth diving into.

This is it: The program every business should invest in! They take all of the stress and time constraints and keep me on top of everything — doing most of the work themselves. Amazing!

— Lynda Ambler-Joanisse, Director, The St. Lawrence Academy

Proudly displaying our payroll software report card.

Thanks for Wagepoint‘s glowing report card, Lynda! We’re sure Digit will proudly put it on the fridge for everyone to see. We look forward to all of the brilliant minds coming out of St. Lawrence Academy!

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