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“Payroll is now seamless and stress-free.”

Meet Dr. Sara Markovic, the driving force behind River Street Endodontics, a specialized dental practice that focuses on root canal procedures. Since opening in August 2019, Dr. Sara has been dedicated to providing top-notch dental care and carving out a niche as the go-to provider for root canals. Her team is bridging the gap in dental wellness! 

So, what was the root of the problem?

“Navigating the ins and outs of running a small business isn’t something most dentists learn about in school,” says Dr. Sara. “There was a steep learning curve.” Managing payroll complexities and keeping her team compliant felt a lot like pulling teeth rather than saving them!

Patching up the holes, one filling at a time.

After searching for payroll software online, Dr. Sara came across a couple of options. But, after discovering Wagepoint, she was excited to find a user-friendly solution. “With Wagepoint, it looked easy to navigate and there wasn’t a big kind of production in terms of signing up for the software,” says Dr. Sara. “I don’t think there were a lot of options that offered the same ease and user experience.” Six months after starting her business, she began using Wagepoint.

Despite her accountant offering to handle bookkeeping as part of her tax services, Dr. Sara chose Wagepoint to streamline the process. “I decided to go with Wagepoint because I wanted digital accessibility for my employees, something that was not an option without the platform.”

And when tax time rolled around, it was still important that Dr. Sara had a platform that could seamlessly integrate with her accountant’s workflow. “My annual business year ends in August,” she says. “At that point [my accountant] will go on [to Wagepoint], he’ll download any of the remittance and tax documents he needs to file our business tax at the end of the year. And that’s pretty much it.”

Keeping up with the daily grind.

Life can get busy, especially when you’re running a business. As a small business owner with a million things on her mind, Dr. Sara really appreciates receiving notifications from Wagepoint that help ensure no important deadlines are missed. “It’s mainly the reminders telling me, ‘Hey, your payroll is due soon, you need to file by this date if you want your staff to be paid by the 21st,’” she says. “That’s nice to have, especially when at times I lose track of what day it is. It’s nice having that reminder.”

Creating dazzling smiles for everyone, employees included.

With Dr. Sara’s employees mostly being in their 20s and 30s, she values Wagepoint’s digital accessibility, allowing employees to access their pay stub information and verify work hours. Similarly, when it comes to reviewing vacation pay (the important stuff!), Dr. Sara says, “My staff enjoys having this access and the ability to review their work history and vacation entitlement.”

For most small business owners, when an issue comes up, it’s important to get help quickly. In the past Dr. Sara would sometimes need to wait two to three weeks for a response to payroll questions. She was delighted when she found that Wagepoint’s customer service took a refreshingly different approach. “Whenever I’ve had concerns with employees and any issues that arise, I get a response within 24 hours and it’s remedied,” she says. 

Because small business owners deserve to have their own life, too.

As a new mom balancing multiple responsibilities, including running a business, teaching at the University of Toronto, mentoring students and spending time with her daughter, Dr. Sara credits Wagepoint with facilitating a smooth-running system.

The streamlined process of providing pay stubs, having employees access everything online, and generating ROEs and T4s significantly reduces the admin tasks that Dr. Sara needs to handle. “It’s just one less headache to deal with when you’re busy growing a practice,” she says. “Having digital bookkeeping on an online platform has allowed me just to save more time in my day to day.”

A jaw-dropping experience.

The biggest benefit of all? An improved quality of life for Dr. Sara and more time for her patients. “That’s the main thing – I can focus on my passion for patient-care rather than being stuck behind a desk.

The smiles continue.

We want to thank Dr. Sara for trusting Wagepoint to support her business over the past four years. We’ll be here to cheer you on as you continue to illuminate smiles, alleviate pain, and leave a memorable mark on the world of dentistry.