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Meet Jaclynn and Caleb, proud owners of a thriving landscaping business, Elevate Your Landscape. With a bustling operation and a team of hardworking employees, Jaclynn found herself juggling multiple tasks, including the daunting task of time, attendance and payroll management. 

Let’s dive into their journey of transitioning from manual processes to a more streamlined solution with Time by Wagepoint.

Challenges faced.

Jaclynn and her husband initially relied on a landscaping job booking system for tracking an employee’s time worked, which meant manual data entry into Google Sheets before uploading it into their payroll system for processing. This multi-step process led to inefficiencies and frustrations, particularly when tracking sick days or addressing differences in employee attendance.

“I was spending too much time fixing time errors, investigating discrepancies, and retracing employee footsteps after the fact.” 

The need for simplification.

With a busy schedule and the pull of a work-life balance, Jaclynn needed a time tracking and payroll solution that would streamline processes and reduce manual data entry. If payroll took too long because of looking into time discrepancies, she would often stay late at the office to finish her day, cutting into time spent at home with her family. She was looking for simplicity and efficiency, preferring to have everything organized and in one place (her superpower!). 

Transition to Wagepoint.

Jaclynn and Caleb decided to make the move to Time by Wagepoint in the off-season, while the workload was lighter. While the transition initially posed challenges, such as adapting to new processes, Jaclynn found the structured scheduling feature and geofence technology offered some real advantages for their business. By consolidating work hours, absences and vacation in one place, Jaclynn aimed to minimize audit time and simplify payroll management.

“The location radius is particularly helpful for double checking the clock in/out before approving daily timesheets.”

Competitive advantage.

For Jaclynn and Caleb, making sure pay runs are accurate and consistent is paramount in maintaining trust with their employees. The industry is notorious for late or missing pay and high-turnover — but they take pride in being just the opposite.

The ability to consistently and fairly pay employees has earned them a reputation as an Employer of Choice. Plenty of their staff return year over year, saving them recruiting and training dollars and building them a trustworthy staff.

By embracing Time by Wagepoint’s features, Elevate Your Landscape can spend less time manually running these processes to keep their reputation intact. 

“We stand by our commitment to fair and reliable payment practices. Time by Wagepoint is a great tool to help us continue to do that.” 

Cutting edge.

In today’s competitive landscape (see what we did there?), Jaclynn and Caleb look for efficiency and reliability when searching for solutions. Through their partnership with Time by Wagepoint, they found a time tracking system that not only simplified payroll management but also provided a foundation for long-term success and growth.