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Want to have a smooth and successful year-end? As your BFFs in payroll, we absolutely want that for you, too.

That’s why we’re excited to share our 2023 Year-End Survival KIT (Keep It Together). With tips and timelines to help you review your payroll information, prepare your 2023 tax documents and inspire a positive mindset, think of this KIT as your one-stop-shop for year-end peace.

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We invite you to browse and bookmark the Survival KIT that best describes you:

👉 Year-End Survival KIT – Canadian Small Business

👉 Year-End Survival KIT – Canadian Accounting Partner

👉 KIT pour les clients Canadiens (en Français)

The KITs will be updated throughout the year-end season with timely tips and resources, so please check back regularly.

From the entire team at Wagepoint, we wish you a successful 2023 year-end for your small business and your clients.

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