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The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) was created to tackle the systematic barriers to success and the lack of community connections that female entrepreneurs often face.  In support of these efforts, Wagepoint has joined this organization to help empower both current and future generations of women in small business.

Communities happen one connection at a time and we’re thrilled to have Wagepoint join CanWCC as a partner. We look forward to working with them to help build a better understanding of the simple tools that can make a world of difference to any small business owner.

— Nancy Wilson, Founder & CEO, CanWCC

We’re thrilled to partner with the CanWCC and support female entrepreneurs across the country. Financial literacy empowers women in business everywhere. Our mission is to simplify the payroll process by breaking down the barriers associated with payroll processing, compliance and remittance — while providing support and education about the financial aspects of running and operating a business in Canada.

— Anastasia Valentine, CRO, Wagepoint

Practical has its appeal.

Ok, we know, payroll isn’t as exciting as advocacy, but it’s an important business function nonetheless. In celebration of our partnership, Wagepoint would like to offer CanWCC members the first two (2) months of our software free, whenever they sign up to create a new account.*

*Offer valid only for members of the CanWCC opening new accounts with Wagepoint. Remittance and reporting capabilities within Wagepoint vary by location. ©Wagepoint Inc. 2021 all rights reserved. The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce logo is used with permission from the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce.