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Founded in 1990, Canadian Security Systems Ltd. provides their customers with security systems they can count on that meet their needs as well as their budget. They offer customizable security, access control and camera systems for residences and businesses to protect what’s important. The installation, servicing and monitoring of these systems are also within their scope.

Searching for the perfect payroll fit.

Julia Moore, President of Canadian Security Systems Ltd., says her company was seeking a user-friendly and accessible payroll option. In particular, the company was on the search for something they could use to run payroll no matter where they were and when they needed to. They’d tried various desktop payroll software before, but with those needing to be installed on a computer, none had the fit they were looking for since it meant being in the office or at a specific computer to do their work. Enter Wagepoint.

Securing a flexible payroll solution.

When Julia started her search for a payroll software that would check off the boxes of being user-friendly while having the option to run payroll without needing to be in the office, she found Wagepoint.

She loves how Wagepoint frees up time and gives her flexibility with processing pay runs. With features like automation, she has more control over her overall workflow and schedule without sacrificing being able to keep watch over her payroll. Think of it like Big Brother surveillance without the totalitarian Orwellian or reality show vibes (depending on how you know the “Big Brother” moniker).

She also loves that Wagepoint handles payroll forms and reporting.

“It allows for flexibility of where and when you do payroll. I can do it in the middle of the night from my home. Wagepoint takes care of sending in the payroll deductions, filling out the T4s, pay stubs and ROEs. You can get reports whenever needed that give you a picture of what’s going on with your payroll at any given time. Everything is so much easier with Wagepoint.”

— Julia Moore, President, Canadian Security Systems Ltd.

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Processing freedom with cloud payroll.

Wagepoint being a cloud payroll software is a big plus for Julia. Not being bound to a single computer gives her the opportunity to telecommute if she wants to work outside of the office. With cloud payroll, she can log in from any computer, anywhere to get the job done.

Then there’s the ease of use, which frees up time to take holidays to go visit family in other provinces. And if something does come up with payroll while she’s away, there’s no need to sound the alarm.

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Customer service you can count on.

Courteous security solution? Meet friendly payroll solution.

Reliable, prompt, courteous: These are three staples of Canadian Security Systems Ltd. as a business, and these are things Julia saw reflected in Wagepoint.

“One of the benefits I enjoy of Wagepoint is the friendly, prompt, reliable and knowledgeable customer service whenever I have a question or a problem.”

— Julia Moore, President, Canadian Security Systems Ltd.

Thank you to Julia and Canadian Security Systems Ltd. for choosing Wagepoint! We’re thrilled to have you as a customer.