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Atlantic Tennis Centre‘s mission is to serve an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to step onto the court to play and fall in love with tennis. It’s a non-membership facility based in Bedford, Nova Scotia that offers private lessons, drop-in clinics and adult and youth programs. There are also youth camps to keep kids active over the summer months.

The business’s 32 staff members, from office employees to coaching staff, are all about helping people find a passion for the sport and build their skills.

Previous payroll processing experience: Love.

Love might sound all warm and fuzzy, but in tennis, the term Love means no one has gotten a point and the score is nil, or zero, for the set.

Nil is how much payroll processing experience Business Operations Manager, Gary Crandall, had before working with Atlantic Tennis Centre. Although he’d had roles that involved other payroll-related tasks, the processing side of things was completely new territory for him.

This is my first job where I had responsibility for payroll. I’ve previously managed employee schedules and pay, but have never administered a payroll system before.

— Gary Crandall, Business Operations Manager, Atlantic Tennis Centre

Wagepoint serve: Ease of use.

Wagepoint was already in place at Atlantic Tennis Centre when Gary stepped onto the court, so he had to adapt to what was in place. A business-style volley, if you will.

Despite his experience with employee scheduling and pay, since he’d never done payroll processing, it was effectively a new opponent in the payroll match. He felt a bit nervous that he’d be metaphorically running across the court doing some manual legwork with calculations, which brought on concerns about making mistakes.

He shares how it actually panned out once he started using Wagepoint.

Having had no experience with payroll previously, I was worried that I would need to do some calculations myself, but was pleasantly surprised by the ease of completing the process. Screen prompts were accurate, and I really only had to enter the hours worked for each person. Wagepoint took care of everything else.

— Gary Crandall, Business Operations Manager, Atlantic Tennis Centre

He says he enjoys how he only really needs to know the basics, like names, rates of pay and banking information for the setup to get going in the Wagepoint software. Also, with the ease of use fuelling his confidence, he’s not foreseeing any problems with working on year-end payroll for the first time either!

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Smashing it with Wagepoint Customer Support.

Gary says Customer Support is one of his favourite parts of working with Wagepoint. If there’s ever a “fault” in a pay run, he can count on support as a sort of payroll doubles partner to get things back on track quickly and with the next best play.

Take when he first started, for instance. When he took on Atlantic Tennis Centre’s payroll, there were some mistakes that needed correcting. All it took was reaching out to Wagepoint to get back in the game.

Support was very helpful in assisting me through the corrections. Anytime I’ve had to contact support, they are always very responsive and provide the requesting information the first time.

— Gary Crandall, Business Operations Manager, Atlantic Tennis Centre

Game, set and match! Gary, we’re super stoked to hear that you think Wagepoint is ace! We’ll keep our racquets handy as we’re happy to be your doubles partner any time. (We can’t help but wonder though, does that make Digit the chair umpire?)

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