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Fresh Adventures whisks ordinary folks out of the city and countryside to experience the fresh air of the great outdoors. Extraordinary adventures await across the western Canadian wilderness, led by guides who know the ins and outs of the area in a way that keeps things fun and safe while making each trip special.

With one of the company’s 10 seasonal guides at your side, you can do things like marvel at the west coast with summer hike tours or relish in hot springs during ski tours in the winter months. There are many different opportunities to choose from so everyone can find just the right fit for their adventurous hearts.

Alex Ross, CEO and Adventure Guru, Fresh Adventures

New to the payroll adventure.

With a cool title like Adventure Guru, you know that Fresh Adventures Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alex Ross, has a lot of experience with braving the wild and trekking across the country. But, we suspect that what one sees out in the wilds of Canada is a bit different than what you’d see in the small business realm.

Take payroll for example. Alex says he had no prior payroll experience and even found it daunting.

The very thought of dealing with the government and calculating taxes makes me shudder. Once it was time to grow and hire guides, I had to bite the bullet and figure out how to run payroll.

— Alex Ross, CEO and Adventure Guru, Fresh Adventures 

Wagepoint: The small business payroll adventure guide.

Figuring out how to run payroll meant exploring the idea of using a payroll software. Fortunately for Alex, traversing the small business terrain to find a payroll software that fit what he wanted for Fresh Adventures didn’t take too long.

Once he discovered Wagepoint, he knew this was the payroll wilderness guide for him because it kept things simple without sacrificing accuracy.

Wagepoint was just so easy and simple I didn’t even look around. Right from the start, payroll was a breeze. I can run payroll from a tent, a chairlift and my van and be assured that I am doing everything by the book.

— Alex Ross, CEO and Adventure Guru, Fresh Adventures

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Processing payroll from anywhere — literally anywhere.

A big selling point for Alex was being able to access Wagepoint and take care of payroll tasks from literally anywhere. When the road, the coast or the mountains are your workplace, there’s not really a spot to set up a desk and start handling pay runs or payroll forms like Records of Employment (ROEs).

Thanks to Wagepoint, he can take care of these with confidence without needing a traditional office space.

I am able to run payroll anywhere from my phone, which is very important when I spend so much time on the road running adventure tours. I often find myself processing a pay run from a tent or during a road trip. Sometimes employees need an advance sent to them or ROEs generated while I am in remote locations. With Wagepoint, I can rest assured that everything is submitted on time and to the right people.

— Alex Ross, CEO and Adventure Guru, Fresh Adventures

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A simple, time-saving payroll adventure.

Whether it’s handling year-end processing or going through the regular grind of payroll, Alex says Wagepoint keeps things easy. For instance, he’s able to sync Wagepoint with his accounting software. This puts the information his accountant needs to manage and balance the books right in their hands without any extra hassle from him.

Having this kind of easy-to-use payroll software that lets him process from anywhere and syncs with his accounting software frees up so much time for Alex. This gives him the chance to focus on helping others create lasting memories on the Fresh Adventure tours.

Using software like Wagepoint makes it effortless and frees business owners up to do the things that help the business grow. Taking five minutes to run payroll for 10 staff is pretty empowering. By making this process so easy I can focus on marketing and grow my business while others waste time and resources to do something that could be so easy.

— Alex Ross, CEO and Adventure Guru, Fresh Adventures

Thanks so much for sharing your Wagepoint story with us, Alex! We’ll handle the payroll so you can keep adventuring this great country of ours!

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