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With a tagline like “looking beyond the numbers,” it’s no surprise that accounting practice The Art of Accounting introduces their clients to the best approaches for their business financial fundamentals. By including innovative software and technology into the mix, plus tested best practices and what they call “focused behaviours,” their clients have more time to put their hearts into what they love.

Although that may sound mysterious, what that can mean is trusting something like payroll software so that taking care of business is front and centre.

Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

A long history of trusting software to get the job done.

Gisele Doucet, Owner of The Art of Accounting, says that she has 15 years of having faith in services that can handle tasks like payroll for her clients. With software like Wagepoint that have the features to take care of payroll efficiently and accurately, it gives her practice the opportunity to shine in other accounting areas to strengthen clients’ books.

Payroll needs to get done, and get done accurately and on time. Annual forms need to be done, also accurately and on time. Working with third parties allowed for this to be completed with little involvement from my firm. Set up and execute payroll — the rest happens because the process is refined and complete, hence spending saved time in other important places! I do not let my clients remit their own source deductions, I always include it as part of the program. Wagepoint withdraws all net pay and source deductions and remits for them.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

Plenty of reasons to choose Wagepoint!

When it came to choosing Wagepoint as her payroll software provider, she lists the following as what drew her in:

  • Support
  • Client portal
  • Intuitive ease-of-use of the program
  • Source deduction remittances
  • Automation for T4s
  • The ability to run reports easily and intuitively

Wagepoint software isn’t clunky. Plus, I can slice and dice data as I need.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

Because of these features, The Art of Accounting includes Wagepoint payroll as a part of their packages to clients. She says there’s the odd exception, but the majority of her clients are using Wagepoint for their payroll processing.

Creating opportunities for client success.

Just as having Wagepoint as a part of the firm packages lets Gisele and her team shine, using Wagepoint to process payroll also creates winning situations for her clients.

For instance, one client that was perpetually late paying remittances — which meant constant late fees — hasn’t had to pay a late fee in two years! That’s a huge win for everyone involved.

For another client, having Wagepoint created an easier transition for running the family business. Before working with The Art of Accounting, the mother of the family had been doing payroll manually for years using a paper ledger. Gisele explains how the switch to Wagepoint is making all the difference as the family’s sons prepare to take over.

This change was significant on so many fronts. The sons transitioning to take over the business would have never been able to do manual ledger payroll. Heck, I wouldn’t be able to do that. The sheer amount of time saved was incredible, never mind the stress it would have added on the sons. The matriarch is grateful every day that she started working with Art of Accounting and that we recommended Wagepoint. She doesn’t want to learn it one bit, but wants to be assured that her payroll is being done and done right. And boy does she ever pay attention to details. It’s been very satisfying and a source of pride for us.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

A portal to the employer-employee relationship.

While it’s true that Wagepoint has tons of great features for business owners and bookkeepers to optimize their payroll workflow, it can also positively impact the employee-employer relationship for small businesses.

Gisele talks about how the employee portal does this.

Employees don’t want to go to the bank to cash cheques anymore. Businesses have to act and be professional. It’s telling about their values and how they continue to reinvent themselves to keep employees. I truly believe it has a direct impact on employee perception of the company and ultimately how they feel about working for a company that is so professional. They will keep and retain the right employees.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

Year-end and T4 season are uneventful — and that’s a good thing!

Busy season takes on a whole new meaning for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers when it comes time for year-end prep and processing. To hear Gisele call this time of the year “uneventful” is probably a bit of a head-scratcher, but she says it’s all thanks to Wagepoint!

Our clients’ payroll at year-end is uneventful. I say this with pride and excitement. Our clients know their T4 and T4 Summary will be done and that their employees can access their T4 via their own portal. This saves time for all involved. Small businesses are the heartbeat of the economy, and Wagepoint is allowing them to behave and act like a large business, no matter their size.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

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T4 filing and distribution? No problem!

She says how Wagepoint handles T4 distribution and filing is the number one benefit for her firm. While her colleagues in the field are feeling the pinch of time and mad rush to get T4s completed and filed for the end of February, she has more time to focus on other things with her clients.

This is huge! We continue to focus on the business. This is a direct impact on our business because we continue to be able to work on other exciting revenue generating projects in February as in any other months.

— Gisele Doucet, Owner, The Art of Accounting

We love this, Gisele! Thanks so much for sharing how Wagepoint is leading you and your clients to success. We wish you continued success all throughout the year!

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