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Vancouver-based startup, addy  is on a mission to enable all humans to be homeowners “through access to real estate investing at any amount, regardless of income, age, or other challenges.” Their revolutionary software breaks down the barriers to real estate investing. With addy, Canadians can invest anywhere from $1 up to $1,500 across a variety of asset types, including residential, retail, multi-family and office space.

Addy customers can invest in commercial buildings such as the one pictured above.
The cool thing?  This Chilliwack building is currently tenanted to Starbucks!

In business, trust is one of the most valuable assets.

Although addy has been with Wagepoint for awhile, Wagepoint wasn’t their first payroll software provider. CRO and Co-founder, Stephen Jagger, initially moved forward with another payroll provider but had soon experienced issues with inaccurate payroll. This negatively impacted the team’s morale and ultimately, addy lost trust in that payroll provider.

Because our previous payroll provider was unreliable, we had many conversations around wrong payroll or late payments with our employees. We learned quickly that inaccurate payroll isn’t good for employee morale.

— Stephen Jagger, CRO and Co-founder, addy

Worry-free is a foundation for success.

Since working with Wagepoint, Stephen found that he hasn’t had to contact the Wagepoint Support Team that often.  As a busy startup co-founder, this is a good great thing.

One key feature that addy enjoys is Wagepoint’s Employee Portal. Through the Employee Portal, employees can access their pay slips and T4s. Due to Wagepoint’s accuracy and ability to simplify payroll information, addy’s bookkeeping partner has found that time spent answering payroll questions or tracking down lost paystubs has reduced significantly.

For addy’s bookkeeping partner, another benefit is Wagepoint’s ultra-friendly support. Whenever they have a question or concern, Wagepoint’s Customer Service Team was able to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Our employees are happy because their pay information is accurate and their pay cheques are always on time. This also makes our bookkeeper happy.

— Stephen Jagger, CRO and Co-founder, addy

Saving time and money is crucial to small business owners — these are resources entrepreneurs need to put into building their business. Wagepoint’s simple payroll solution lets Stephen and addy’s CEO and other co-founder, Michael Stephenson focus on what they’re meant to do — growing their startup.

Bonus: Just like addy, Wagepoint is a Canadian startup — knowing this made their decision even easier to choose Wagepoint.

Words from one startup co-founder to another:

For Stephen, Wagepoint’s software is so reliable, it takes payroll off of his mind completely!

I highly recommend Wagepoint because they are reliable and accurate. We don’t worry about our electricity provider because it just works. That’s how payroll should work and that’s how Wagepoint works.

— Stephen Jagger, CRO and Co-founder, addy

Invest in reliable payroll with Wagepoint.

We are lucky to call addy a Wagepoint customer and are grateful these trailblazers in the real estate investing industry decided to invest in Wagepoint as their payroll software provider. Thank you, addy!

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