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ThirstyTech Inc. describes itself as a company that provides “solutions that quench” — yet, surprisingly, water or drinks of any kind are not on the menu. The thirst they’re quenching is for residential and commercial technology solutions, and they design, install and support in three key areas: Entertainment, convenience and security.

Their passionate team of four-to-six contractors can transform a regular ol’ space into a glorious home cinema, bring convenience and comfort through bleeding edge smart technologies, or restore peace of mind with innovative surveillance camera and alarm solutions.

In other words? They provide tech-y solutions that make spaces more beautiful, usable and safe.

Pro Tip: Knowing the difference between employees and contractors can save you time with your payroll.

E-transfers and manual contractor form processing.

ThirstyTech Inc. Founder and Solutions Architect, Andrew Williams, is all about innovative thinking and simplifying workflows. But when it came to their payroll process, the company used to handle things the manual way. They’d e-transfer contractors their pay and put off the complexities of filing and distributing T4As until absolutely necessary.

Even with a small team, that process meant more work and trying to figure things out on their own. Andrew knew they needed a software that could easily process payments and generate year-end payroll forms for their contractors. This would give ThirstyTech Inc. the chance to upgrade from the manual process while still making sure employees were paid and the bookkeeping side of things was in order.

Eliminating manual processes with innovative payroll.

Wagepoint may not be a smart home or have LED lights, but it’s got smart features that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Take automating payroll processes with direct deposit and payroll form generation, for example. These kinds of features, plus an easy-to-use system, are what drew Andrew in and prevented a fish-out-of-water experience when transitioning to cloud payroll software.

On top of that, the features that Wagepoint has to offer satisfied his thirst for simplified contractor payments and handling of T4As.

“Automation is key. Business owners need a set-it-and-forget-it model where all of the tiny details are under the care and control of knowledgeable and competent professionals. Whether it’s a fixed or fluctuating payout, Wagepoint’s user interface is simple to navigate and initiate, with detailed reporting and convenient government form submission.”

— Andrew Williams, Founder and Solutions Architect, ThirstyTech Inc.

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Testing the waters: First impressions make a difference.

When it came to choosing a payroll software, it wasn’t just about transforming the payroll processing experience. While that was a big piece of the puzzle in his search for a payroll solution, when Andrew got to know Wagepoint better as a company, it made all the difference. The first impressions he got from pricing and onboarding won him over.

“I found the company to be user-friendly right from the initial discussions. The pricing was very competitive, and the onboarding procedure was smooth with generous help and a wealth of knowledge provided to someone new to these waters. “

— Andrew Williams, Founder and Solutions Architect, ThirstyTech Inc.

The simple life, starring Wagepoint and payroll.

The good feelings didn’t stop with the first impressions. Working with support and receiving communications about his payroll keep ThirstyTech Inc. up-to-date and its small-but-mighty team of contractors paid.

“Wagepoint has made my life a lot simpler. Any payroll company would, but it’s how they’ve presented themselves via correspondence with reminders, quick and impressive support turnaround times and the overall experience of doing business with them is top-shelf professional and friendly.”

— Andrew Williams, Founder and Solutions Architect, ThirstyTech Inc.

It’s awesome to hear that Wagepoint has simplified your payroll and contractor form processing! We love having ThirstyTech Inc. as a customer and appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Thanks for making Wagepoint your payroll software “drink” of choice, Andrew!

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