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At the core of it, business is about meeting the needs of others, your own or a combination of both. In the face of COVID-19, entrepreneurs are forced to react and respond quickly to the challenges that come with the crisis. Some seek new opportunities while others adapt their business models to ensure changing financial and operational needs are met.

Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint recently sat down with Phil Bliss, host of Toronto’s Podcast — part of the Canada’s Podcast network to speak in-depth about entrepreneurship, leadership and building a business from the ground up and in the face of challenging climates.

Trust the people you’ve hired, identify your generals and give them the space to do their work.

Shrad Rao, Wagepoint CEO

What you’ll learn from this podcast:

  • Shrad’s entrepreneurial journey — how and why it began.
  • Leadership during a time of uncertainty.
  • Business-building tips — from choosing your core offering to how to handle challenges.

Sit back, relax and indulge in 30 minutes of thought-provoking ear candy (with a hint of sarcasm).

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