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Much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, strong product offerings are likely to have gone through many iterations before reaching its “final form.” The reason? Consumer spending habits and preferences are ever-changing and entrepreneurs understand that business success is contingent on meeting the consumer’s needs.

Wagepoint CEO Shrad Rao, recently sat down with Michael Palmer, host of The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast, to speak in-depth about the importance of learning how to adapt, doing the right thing at the right time and the company’s north star that has led to its success.

Find a painkiller solution, not a vitamin — something that people have to have and is not a nice-to-have.

Shrad Rao, Wagepoint CEO

What you’ll learn from this podcast:

  • Criteria to consider when selecting your core offering.
  • The value of adaptation in scaling your business.
  • The importance of building your business on fundamental principles.

If you’re looking to hear some secrets to business success, you’re in for a treat.

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