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There’s nothing like rockin’ your payroll — knowing that everyone will be paid accurately and on time. If you’re one of those people who believes that life has to have a soundtrack, we’ve got the list for you.

Our “unofficial” list of the top 20 money songs

We surveyed our team and even asked some of our accounting partners about the best money tunes to listen to when running payroll. It’s not the definitive list and certain suggestions were not-safe-for-work, but here’s our top 20.

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1. “The Big Money” — Rush

A commentary on 80s materialism? An attack on corporate America ideologies? Whatever the subject matter, we can all agree this is peak Rush—combining classic Geddy Lee vocals, ambitious bass lines and big guitar sounds.

2. “Money” — Pink Floyd

Especially poignant given the state of Britain’s economy in 1975, this song is a classic whether we find ourselves in boom times or a recession.

3. “Bills, Bills, Bills” — Destiny’s Child

Messed up your payroll? With Wagepoint on your side, your employees won’t have any trouble paying their bills. Though we can’t be held responsible if they have a “trifling good for nothing type of brother” in their lives.

4. If I Had a Million Dollars’ — Barenaked Ladies

If you’ve ever called Wagepoint and been put on hold, you’ve heard this one. We all like to daydream about what we’d do with a million dollars (maybe not buy elephant bones, though).

5. “Money Maker” — The Black Keys

At first glance, this song sounds like it’s about a gold digger but given the album title “El Camino,” maybe it’s actually about the car…

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6. “I’m So Paid” — Akon (featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy)

I’m so paid ya know I keep a pocketful.

And that’s before the taxes.

Took my whole gross net and hid it under my mattress.*

I use to get bored count 20s for practice.

Paper therapy we let the money relax us.

*Wagepoint doesn’t condone evading tax or hiding your money under your mattress, despite our affection for Jeezy (née Young Jeezy).

7. “Can’t Buy Me Love” — The Beatles

In 1994, Paul McCartney stated, “The idea behind it was that all these material possessions are all very well but they won’t buy me what I really want.”

Missed your employee’s payroll “Yesterday?” Your employees might not buy into Paul’s thinking and “Let It Be.” You might need serious “Help!” “Imagine” that.

8. “9 to 5” — Dolly Parton

Not only did this song win a Grammy and an Oscar, Dolly also won a Golden Globe for her role in the movie 9 to 5. This song will 100% keep your head bobbing all day—whether you’re a feisty Southern secretary (Dolly’s role in the movie) or you’re running your payroll.

9. “She Works Hard for the Money” — Donna Summer

Donna Summers found inspiration for “She Works Hard for the Money” after meeting a bathroom attendant working multiple jobs. Summers jotted down a few ideas on some toilet paper and later that night finished writing the feminist anthem.

10. “Material Girl” — Madonna

This song saw a big resurgence in 2019 after it played during Eleven’s shopping spree montage in Stranger Things. Whether you grew up with it in the 80s or know it from the Netflix hit— we can all agree it’s a certified bop.

11. “Money Honey” — Lady GaGa

Despite the fact that 95% of the lyrics obsess over money and material things, Lady Gaga gets to the root of what makes her happiest in the bridge:

You know I appreciate the finer things.

But it’s not what makes me happiest, baby.

(I can do without it, babe.)

Your tender loving’s more than I can handle.

Never burn out this candle, baby, baby.

12. “Just Got Paid” — NSync

Actually a cover originally by Johnny Kemp, “Just Got Paid” by *NSync was the perfect anthem to your early 2000s Friday night. Whether you’ve got a Tamagotchi in your pocket and you’re headed to the mall or you’re decked out in FUBU headed to your local Blockbuster.

13. “Moneytalks” — AC/DC

The opening riff alone is worth millions. It’s hard to believe the song is the band’s highest-charting single to date in the US, peaking at #23.

14. “Money, Money, Money” — ABBA

Need some extra income? If you’re taking cues from this song, find yourself a wealthy man. And if that doesn’t work out that head to Morocco or Vegas and win big. Not the soundest financial advice but hey, the 70s were a crazy time.

15.  “Working for a Livin’” — Huey Lewis and the News

“Workin’ for a Livin’” has all the frenetic energy you’d come to expect from Huey Lewis and the News. According to Lewis, the song was actually written when he was working for a living as a truck driver.

16. “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” — Prince and the New Power Generation

Prince’s smooth vocals are in sharp contrast to the lyrical allusions he makes to gambling, petroleum politics, and child soldiers. Money can’t buy you love but it sure can bring misery when used unwisely.

17. “Working for the Weekend” — Loverboy

We knew “Working for the Weekend” had to be on the playlist and it was only fitting to place it toward the end of the list.

18. “Take the Money and Run” — Steve Miller Band

While most of the songs we’ve featured are about spending money or working hard for your money, the Steve Miller Band classic “Take the Money and Run” focuses on more sinister ways to make a buck.

19. “I Wanna Be Rich” – Calloway

No analogies here. American R&B duo, Calloway, want to be rich. And no, there isn’t a silver lining about the importance of love or relationships. They just want to be rich.

20. “What a Wonderful World” — Louis Armstrong

The perfect anthem for when you know you’ve taken care of the details and all you have to do is press “approve” on that payroll.

Bonus: “Friday”— Rebecca Black

We’re so sorry, but it’s a Wagepoint tradition. Our team member Monica shares it in our social chat channel religiously every Friday.  Seriously — nothing’s more certain than death, taxes or Monica sharing this song every Friday.

Bonus: The strangest song about money

That’s easy, that one was “Money” by the Flying Lizards. Listen at your own risk. Out of love and respect for you, our reader and listener, we left it off the main playlist.

Did we miss your favourite money song?

Put some fun back into your payroll with our playlist (download) and let us know which songs you would add! We might be busy dancing at our desks, but we’ll get back to you as soon as when we can. Your musical tastes are important to us.

We’d also like to thank our some of our incredible bookkeeping partners, including Juliet Aurora, Tammatha DenyesJennie Moore and Kellie Parks for their suggestions that made it on the list.

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